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Chapter 11: the interview
(by emily, added on 17 August 2017 02:50 PM)

the interview for thee games company was just what franses expected it to be.

a small, dark room, consisting of 1 small table and a couple of chairs.

across from her sat the interviewer clair.

frances didn't like clair, at all. she reminded her of miss trunchbull from the movie matilda, and she was determined not to work for her.

also round the table sat mum and dad. frances didn't know why they were here, because they wern't exactly saying anything to help her with the interview.

it didn't take long for frances to get bored of clair's questions.

20 questions in and she was still being asked more and more things.

eventually, after 45 questions, clair turned to the parents and asked them to comment on how they thought frances had done.
carol, who was eager to just leave the dull interview room, said

" if she gets it, she gets it. if not, well she did okay, but I understand you have a lot of people to interview."

jjoseph, who was absolutely determined that frances got the job, started to tell clair all about video games frances had created, and how her last one was a bestseller
frances looked at joseph in shock. she'd never created a video game, she'd never even had an idea for a game.

she started to tell clair that joseph was getting her confused with someone else, but it was no use.

clair just smiled and said that it was okay to be shy about good work you had done, and told her that their's a strong possibility she'd get the jo.

"can we we leave now?" asked carol, " i'm getting a bit fed up in this room, it's so hot and so small."

"just a minit," said clair, " I have a few more things to say."

"I want," she aded, "frances to come back with a copy of her game. her best seller?. I want to check it out for myself, and showi t to some of my staff. what did you say the name was?."
"revolution," said joseph, before frances could say that it actually didn't exist. "the game's called revolutionn, and we'd be happy to bring it with us next time."

on the way home, frances questioned joseph about what he'd done.

" you know I don't have a game called revolution" frances said, " you know I don't have any game at all."
"I know," said joseph. "I do know that, but I have an idea, and that video game company won't suspect a thing.".

"I don't know why you're trying so hard, dad" said frances. "I don't want the job."

joseph just smiled and continued driving

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