Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 1: The Meeting
(by Rosanna Hostetler, added on 9 November 2016 06:05 PM)

Frances was always searching for a way to earn an income, not having a job. She played many roleplaying games, including one named Royal Empire. One day she met with John and the two began making contact after he heard Frances was interested in earning an income. He offered her to join his company telling her she could earn a lot of money. They soon began a business relationship. Frances was given videos to listen to and found them very interesting. In one, John and a guy named Brad was telling how he joined the company. In telling about himself, he mentioned liking to play roleplaying games. This peaked Frances' interest and so later when she happened to be playing a space game she found a few character names similar to Brads. She therefore asked on an out of character channel if any of the players knew about the company that John owned. She did not immediately get a reply and did not think much of it. Awhile later she was on a landing pad with some drones and began playing around with them. She asked the drones which of them wanted to marry her and was surprised when one said, "I want to". She continued having fun with this drone and soon a starship landed where she was having fun. This as she learned later was Brad. The two began playing together, doing different game activities together and finally ended up marrying in the game. However both knew their love had grown beyond the game and talked about it. They began contacting each other out of game and their love for each other began to grow.

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