The horrors of Amber White

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Chapter 1: Amber, the Dreamer
(by Rahila, added on 16 October 2016 05:29 PM)

I'm Amber White! I'm 16, and a total brainiac at school. All the teachers love me. All the kids want to be like me, and I often receive requests for help with homework. In one or 2 instances, a few asked me to do the work for them. They backed off when I threatened to tell. Hehe... I live with my 3 sisters. Stacey, who's 11, Janette, who's 14, and Mary, who's 6. Pluss our awesome parents, Beatrice and Shaun. We're a close family. I tell my folks everything. Stacey Mary and I are best friends. We've never had any secrets. Nowadays, I consider myself a daydreamer, with a rich imagination. My sisters and folks are always telling me to, snap out of it, whenever they catch me staring into space. At school, my friends have to call my name 3 times, before they have my full attention. My dating life has come to a halt at prez, because of this. Boys got sick of my absent mindedness. They always said, Hello, Amber, is anyone there? Are you listening to me, or do you care more about your fantasy world? But what no one knows, is that I daydream a lot, to help me focus my attention on my dreamworld at night. So my daydreams during the day, act like a meditation object. The more I daydream, the richer my lucid dreams become. Yay! I have been an accomplished Lucid Dreamer for 10 years now! I know, i'm brilliant! At the risk of sounding like a total bore, i'd say my favourite lucid dreams, are when I decide to transform into a princess, and live like a celebrity. Totally amazing. Those dreams feel so vivid. In my waking life, I often wonder, idly, what fun it might be, if I could stay in my dreamworlds forever...

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