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Chapter 1: meet rachel
(by emily, added on 28 January 2016 01:10 PM)

from a distance, rachel thomas looked like any other regular 17 year old girl.

and indeed, she was.

she had looks to die for, she was super smart, and she was popular- really, really, popular.

but, their was a reason for her popularity, and it wasn't just because she was top of her class, or because she had a horse- she was the only person in her class who had a horse, no... rachel thomas, could grant wishes

her own wishes- to get in to colledge, to own a horse, to travel to exotic places, to find information for projects, even to get pretty clothes and accessories

and she could grant other people's wishes too- often, people would come and ask her.. hey rachel, i really want to be able to go bowling for my birthday party, but my parents won't let me- and i certainly don't have the money for it.

rachel would sort it

it's the same for sick relatives. people would ask her to visit their aunts, mothers, etc, in the hospital

and even if they were at the brink of death, a visit from rachel would insure that they lived- and got through it, regardless of their diagnoses.

she truly lived, a life without limits.

even though she grew up in a really poor area of england, rachel thomas was the richest girl in the world. every morning, the world would fall at her fingertips- their was no going to the wardrobe to pick up clothes, no cooking breakfast, no getting her stuff ready for colledge- no, none of that.

rachel thomas, could grant wishes

she just had to think about a delicious bacon sandwich, and when she'd go downstairs, it would be waiting for her. hot, fresh, sitting neatly on her kitchen table.

she just had to think about a nice warm coat, or her best pair of socks, and boom. she'd have it in her hands, all ready to go.

rachel thomas, could grant wishes.
she had single handedly created a new life for herself, a rather rich life- involving all the food she wanted, all the pretty clothes, jewels, accessories, her horse, everything. rachel thomas had created a life that anyone would be envious of.

even her younger sister monica envied her. monica had a nice life, she had toys, she had a nice bedroom, she even had a rabbit.

but she constantly wished for rachel's life. she constantly wanted more.

who wouldn't want a life like rachel's?

of course, rachel also had days where things just didn't go her way.
being able to grant wishes is only good when they actually make a positive impact in your life.

their were times when rachel's horse wouldn't behave- and she'd think oh.. i wish my horse was no where to be found, and she'd return to the stable the next morning, only to find the horse had escaped- and she had to go and bring him back.

or she'd speak badly about her sister monica, oh how i wish monica would just shut up and be greatful for what she has, and monica would somehow find herself in her bedroom with the door locked, being quiet as a mouse, unable to speak, even if she wanted to.

1 time, while she was out shopping and was thinking about the rush and how she wished she had the store to herself, she suddenly found she was locked in the dark supermarket, and she had to wait for a store owner to open the door and let her out.

rachel's gift was mainly positive though, and when she did find herself in a scrape, she could easily fix it.

if only she knew.

if only rachel knew what was about to happen to her. if rachel thomas knew that in just a few short hours, she'd lose all her power, then she'd enjoy every second of her life, while it lasted..

but she didn't. no, rachel thomas had no idea that life, as she knew it, was about to change forever

and the reason why she didn't know?

at this moment, rachel was asleep in her room. dreaming of trips to vegas, and new york, and california.. all possible trips that she could make happen

our story starts the following morning, when she wakes up from a rather restfull sleep

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