The adventures of Warcat on Sloe (alter aeon #1)

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Chapter 2: quest #1: kill some imps
(by Matteo Hapta, added on 11 December 2015 10:13 PM)

time: 0:04 a.m
location: on a platform
As I came out of this horrible darkness I heard a cough. As I turned around I saw a soldier lying in the ravine. He had a lot of stabbing wounds. He said: "bring this message to Whelan, the chief of the enchampment of the humans: an imp party is going to destroy the enchampment and eventually will destroy pelam." I stepped down into the ravine and was greeted by some imps. I killed them with my fireballs. As I walked on, I encountered more of those little pesky creatures. I looted everything I could. Finaly I went down into the enchampment where Whelan was waiting for me in a small hut in the Center of the camp.

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