The adventures of Warcat on Sloe (alter aeon #1)

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Chapter 1: prologue
(by Matteo Hapta, added on 11 December 2015 10:01 PM)

Date: the 23rd of March in the 52nd year of the reign of Dentin
time: 23:58 p.m
location: unknown

I stood in a tunnel which could only be described as a mine shaft. It was dark, I couldn't see a thing, except for a torch which gave some light. I picked it up so I could see further on. I walked north and landed in a room where i could see a sort of vest which i picked up. As soon as I put it on it became bound to me. In a corner lay a spear which I began to wield. I heard a deep growl that came from further down the passage. I stepped closer and to my uttermost shock i found a zombie dog which growled at me. I swang my spear and wounded it. Suddenly, my hands began to glow in a strange yellow color. Then a fireball came out of my hands and reduced the doggy to ash. As I dug through the ash i somehow discovered a small ring. I walked on and found a hole in the ceiling. I climbed through and found myself on a platform which led in to a ravine.

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