The adventures of Warcat on Sloe (alter aeon #1)

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Chapter 1: prologue
(by Matteo Hapta, added on 11 December 2015 10:01 PM)

Date: the 23rd of March in the 52nd year of the reign of Dentin
time: 23:58 p.m
location: unknown

I stood in a tunnel which could only be described as a mine shaft. It was dark, I couldn't see a thing, except for a torch which gave some light. I picked it up so I could see further on. I walked north and landed in a room where i could see a sort of vest which i picked up. As soon as I put it on it became bound to me. In a corner lay a spear which I began to wield. I heard a deep growl that came from further down the passage. I stepped closer and to my uttermost shock i found a zombie dog which growled at me. I swang my spear and wounded it. Suddenly, my hands began to glow in a strange yellow color. Then a fireball came out of my hands and reduced the doggy to ash. As I dug through the ash i somehow discovered a small ring. I walked on and found a hole in the ceiling. I climbed through and found myself on a platform which led in to a ravine.

Chapter 2: quest #1: kill some imps
(by Matteo Hapta, added on 11 December 2015 10:13 PM)

time: 0:04 a.m
location: on a platform
As I came out of this horrible darkness I heard a cough. As I turned around I saw a soldier lying in the ravine. He had a lot of stabbing wounds. He said: "bring this message to Whelan, the chief of the enchampment of the humans: an imp party is going to destroy the enchampment and eventually will destroy pelam." I stepped down into the ravine and was greeted by some imps. I killed them with my fireballs. As I walked on, I encountered more of those little pesky creatures. I looted everything I could. Finaly I went down into the enchampment where Whelan was waiting for me in a small hut in the Center of the camp.

Chapter 3: the shaman
(by emily, added on 28 January 2016 01:26 PM)

i found myself standing in the open.

it was nice to get out of the tunnel and to somewhere i could not only breav easier, but where i could also meet other people on the same adventure as me.
their was a lot to look at.

their was a waggon with a spellcaster behind it, who would teach you your first spells and skills.

their was a healers tent, a garbage pit (where people left items as donations for other players), and, the exit- which looked more like a hole in the wall, rather than a gate or a door.

but first, i had to speak to Whelan.

he told me that my next job was to go and kill a carver shaman.

i left via the exit and found myself in a grassy field, with, yes, you guessed it, more imps.

i managed to kill those easily, and finally found myself face to face with the carver shaman

when i started fighting him, i noticed 1 thing. he was armed. yep, the carver shaman was armed. not so much with hand weapons or spells, no, this sharman was armed with magical fireballs, which he through at you randomly

but, i made short work of him- and after the kill, i returned to Whelan where i awaited further instruction.

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