Prometheus. A pilot's story.

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Chapter 1: Just another calm accademy day?
(by Connor Moser, added on 29 November 2015 08:52 PM)

Accademy training vessle 49306, 9:45 a-m on 22nd of november, 2365, Accademy training station.
"Reporting: Docking successful."
Morning drills. Quite annoying, but at least they get the basic things like launching, docking and spacial navigation into most pilots good enough that they could do them while asleep. But hey, if you didn't know how to dock at your rescue carrier if you were stranded in deep space with the x-loritans as well as the rescue ship hoaning in on your distress beacon, that would result in quite a lot of flying debris. Well not if you were lucky. Something like that would never happen anyway. No one who didn't know basic stuff like that wouldn't be able to get their full license. "Charles green, eyes on the viewport and ears on the comm!"
Instructer Baker. Just about the greatest jerk of the universe, and that was saying something. "launch, go!" He barked through the comm. "Oh well, here we go again..." I thaught as I started the process of disengaging the docking clamps from the station's temporary docking birth. I activated the launching thrusters which would carry me out and away from the station. Things like launching and landing were usually done completely by the computer's launch/land program, however for drills it was disabled. Apparently we had to know how to manually get ships on the ground and off again. Who knows? Cyber-attacks or the distruction of crytical computer hardware could result in the launch/land program failing. A ship crashing into the surface of a planet with launching thrusters fully engaged would cause quite a crater, with not a lot of the ship or pilot left. These days, the accademy was mostly there for pilots to learn how to fight, and then get dumped on the frontlines in a ship which probably had its construction rushed and thus had sloppy programming or other parts that failed often. Such ships were usually shot down in a few days. Everyone says we're sheltered behind the frontlines, that there's nothing to worry about. And they said that right after a major invasion in 5 different sectors and 40 good pilots losing their lives to the enemy. It'll only be a matter of time untill the enemy finds a way to get past our defensive systems. "Launch successful." By now I wasn't even thinking about what I was doing. ""Training squadran, move to training parcek tango 4, destroy combat drones, report back." We started moving as a unit. We were 4 people in all. " combat drones for each of us. After entering parcec t4, we split off. Cds usually weren't much of a challenge. They were ment for training, even though they could be adjusted depending on the pilot's skill. Yet, what appeared on the sensors wasn't a combat drone. It wasn't a cloud of debris, noar a random drone wreck. At first, I couldn't even see anything on the starmap. Then the ship's proximmity alert went off, and two x-loritan armored warships materialized on the sm. Wait. What? Why would the lors attack a training accademy? Why didn't the patrols or Buis detect...The only warning I got was a flash of light, then the console in front of me exploded. I wasn't killed in the blast, just throan out of my pilot's chair. I landed in a heep on the other side of the control room. I staggered to my feet and moved towards the secondary control area as fast as I could, which, given the fact that the world was riding a marry go round, my head throbbed, and the ship listed from one side to the other wasn't quite a walk in the park. Before I could reach ssecondary control, another long range laser blast hit the ship. The blast actually sent it flipping over. The hull breatch alarm sounded, and the force field generators powered up. I was surprised they still worked. I had more pressing matters though. One of them was reaching the dammed escape pod. Now that the ship was upside down, the floor hatch had turned into a ceeling hatch. I was able to reach the hatch just as a third explosion rocked the ship. And another, and another... They had set off a change reaction, The engine cores were blowing themselves up! If I didn't get out of here alive, the hole ship would tare itself apart!

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