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Chapter 8: The Storm and Failure
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 03:28 PM)

Chapter 8
The Storm and Failure

The weeks passed and the last of summer came. One evening Andrew called a meeting to say that a storm was going to blow in and was a hurricane. He said all should stay indoors, and not come out until it was over of course.
She was glad she was already home. Turning on the weather radio she heard that Andrew was right. The hurricane seemed to be headed their way. There was nothing she could do, and she did have some supplies in that would last her awhile though. She settled into one of the big living room chairs listening to television reports about the storm.
Around five in the morning as she lay in bed, the winds started to blow very hard. But she got to sleep some more. When she awoke though, her bed was wet, and she heard water streaming above her. She knew then that something had leaked. She got up changed into some dry clothing and thankfully her own closet was still dry in the bedroom. She checked her dog who was all right, but sitting looking at her. The winds seemed to have stopped, And she could hear nothing but hard rain. She went to the phone to see if it was still working but it wasn't.
She knew not to go outside and just sat in the living room waiting to see if anything happened.
Eventually she fed her dog, and only took him out briefly off the back portch. Then they came inside again. She looked up on the shelf for her cooking gear a gas camp stove and propane. When this was found she got some eggs out keeping the fridge door shut as fast as she could to try to preserve anything in there. She cooked up the eggs after getting the stove going and had her own breakfast.
After cleaning up there was nothing else to do.
She looked at her battery clock and it said ten A. M. That was when she heard people outside coming down the street.
She went to the door to be met by Andrew and some others she didn't know. "I am going around to see about damages with these sighted rescue teams Andrew told her. They say your roof has damages so suggest you evacuate."
she hated that idea, but would do what they said to do. She asked that she be allowed to pack everything so they waited ...and she got boxes from the basement and her suitcases and packed everything she had brought to the island.
They helped her look around to see if anything was left but the furniture, and they all left. She walked with one of the men who talked her through with her dog where things had been blown down.
At the administration building she found that all the other residents were there, and that a boat had been called to go to the mainland.
There had been telephone service restored so she called her parents who would meet her.
?A couple weeks later Andrew called her parents' home and she picked up the phone. Her father insisted on speaking to Andrew instead of her, and told him she wasn't returning under any circumstances. "But Dad!" she argued, "i liked it there, and want to go back."
"no," he told her "I won't allow that." She got up and left the room. She was after all over 21, why shouldn't she make her own decisions?
But her parents were not moving on this and she lost the argument. They found her an apartment and moved her in there on the mainland.
She would never forget how independent she had been allowed to be on the island, but that wasn't to be any more. Eventually, she accepted this, and fell into routines again. On the street one day she met Gilbert, and andrew who had come from the island to get some supplies, and she told them what was going on.
"you aren't the only one not coming back,' andrew sighed. "It is just the staff now, and none of the other people will be returning. Relatives and friends are stopping them just as it is with yours."
"I am sorry Andrew," she said in a low voice, "There was nothing I could do to change my parents' mind."
"I am sorry too," andrew told her, "it was a good experiment."
They said their goodbyes, and she walked on to the coffee shop and then back home to the apartment again. She wondered if there would ever be another place like the island where blind people could live together and be independent as much as she had been there. It was very regretful that the storm had changed everything...but now she would go on as before, and do what she could on the mainland. There was no other choice. . But she would always remember how it was before things got bad...and at least at one point she had some choices.Now she was back to square one where she was before she went to the island. Maybe someday it would all change for the better, but she didn't know, but until then all she could do was try anything.the end.

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