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Chapter 7: Shopping Alone
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 03:14 PM)

Chapter 7 Shopping Alone

Those were the nicest days in spring when she had learned how to get to that section of the island. The winds blew lightly and scent of roses found her nose as she made her way one morning back to the business district. She started along looking and feeling for the waiste high Braille signs that told her which shop that she had arrived at. She kept going and soon the scent of baking goods reached her. She found that the next doorway was the "Two-Dog bakery. She went inside. At the counter there were some Braille signs telling her what goods were in the long case in front of her. There were doughnuts of all kinds, cakes, and pies, and all kinds of cookies and other delightful things, and she wanted to buy all of it, but of course she couldn't, so she told the lady at the counter she would like to buy a cinnamon roll, and some cupcakes as well and why not add a dozen chocolate chip cookies too. and oh yes two raspberry doughnuts would be nice and she took out her wallet and paid for the goods.
With her pack halfway full, she continued to explore the center. She heard laughter as she went around one corner and stopped by one doorway. From inside she heard music, and other noise in there that might be video games or something. She would have to investigate that too. Inside she found that there were guys standing at game tables that had board games on them, and others sat playing cards, at another counter they were playing accessible computer games. She didn't exactly fit in as there were few women here, but she thought she might come back to try some of these at some point.
She picked up a pamphlet she found on the counter, and was invited to return by the two men there.
She walked out though, into the spring sunshine. This was turning out to be very interesting she thought as she walked along with Garth. The next doorway she reached out to read the sign. This was a legal service she saw. And it listed the attorney names.
Then the next door she found a jewelry store, and she went inside.
Again she found Braille signs on the counter to describe the jewelry locked inside. She requested of the girl at the counter to see some of the rings there. The ring boxes were taken out, and she looked at all the Braille labels that told her pricing and color.
She picked out a nice ring, and paid for it. She also bought another talking watch for herself.
The next building was evidently large, but there was still a sign for her to read. It said that this was the community gymn. She entered and listened to lots of people exercising. She went to the counter to see what was up. There again were signs. She could go here for free. There were all kinds of exercise equipment, and it even said there were tie-downs for anyone who had a dog too. this would be great she thought. But she wasn't dressed for that, and left.
The next building had a sign that said it was a theater, and the next was a sailing school.
Next came the flower shop, and she saw the next huge building was a department store so she went to see what she could find.
By the time she exited her pack was very full, and she decided it was time to go home. She had a nice walk home, and she was just in time for lunch.

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