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Chapter 4: s
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 02:26 PM)

chapter 4


Around six she awoke to the sound of the phone ringing, and she found the phone on the nightstand and picked it up.
"Hello" she said listening. ' A voice on the other end said, "This is Andrew, how are you doing settling in? I am just checking to see if there is anything you needed...and checking with all the new residents."
"oh Andrew, the house is so nice, and I am all unpacked." she told him. "good for you. I wanted to tell you there is a meeting of all residents tomorrow around ten a. M. Someone will come to show you the way over to the meetinghouse." "Thanks for everything ." she said gratefully, "I will wait for my escort."
See you then," andrew said and hung up. She put down the phone finding that now it was time to eat again, and surely Garth must be hungry too. She took his leash and they made their way to the kitchen where she fed him first, then started her own supper.
She wondered if she should find any lighting to put on here. She had noticed good lamps all over the house but since she was blind herself hadn't thought of it until now.
Who was paying all the electric bills anyway, she wondered. No mention of this was forthcoming from anyone on the staff.
She had to pay some part of her Social Security for rent here, and that had been done before she came. It was a monthly rental, but was very reasonable based on her own income.
She ate her supper a big plate of spaghetti with meatballs and that was great plus some garlic bread.
For dessert she decided upon some pudding. After doing the dishes, she wandered around and looked over everything. That was when she found the big desk in the living room, and opened the drawers. There was paper, a slate and stylus for writing, and other things in there. She also found on top a book. she opened it and it proved to be a map of the entire island and where all the buildings were. Fascinated, she studied the maps sitting down on the desk chair and put the book in front of her.
She found the docks, and then worked her way to find where it had house numbmers listed, and found hers on the lane. That was progress . Then she saw the meetinghouse, the administrative offices, and a line of buildings that were unspecified. Anote at the bottom told her this would be where the business district would be eventually.
There was a boathouse by the docks, and a note said there was a snack bar, which was marked so that she could figure how to get to it.
The map had lots of houses all marked out where they were with the numbers shown on the maps.
There was a couple churches too.
One of the buildings a ways from the docks was designated as a grocery store she saw, so she decided that had to be investigated right away. But then tomorrow night there was that meeting, and she would of course go to it with her escort.
the next day she went to the store, and looked around. The products were marked in Braille so she could shop alone. this was not like anything she had ever been able to do, and always she had needed sighted help but not in here. One gal stood at the counter and Margo realized that she too was blind. She used a talking cash register to ring up the sale.
" "Thank you." Margo said. "my name is Margo and I have my guide dog with me, named Garth."
The woman was friendly, and said "Welcome" "my name is Amy, and my dog is right behind me. Her name is Ellen." so she had already made a friend as they talked about their dogs and where they had gone to get them.
She said her goodbyes, and made her way back to her cottage again proud she had managed all this alone. she had anice pack of more groceries besides what her mom had sent with her.
She had her computer she had set up when she found the router in the other bedroom. Now she spent the day reading books and being on the computer. It was normal for her to do this, and felt more like home now that she was managing on her own. She got dressed in better clothing, and got Garth's harness on him again before the doorbell rang and she opened the door and a man said, "hi I'm Ken and I was assigned to help you to the meting tonight. Are you going still?"
"oh yes, hello, I am ready to go. I just have to get my keys to lock up.' she told him. so she got her jacket and keys and they left. Ken used his cane but was able to keep up with her. Soon she found herself at the meetinghouse, a big building that Ken said was like a mansion, but easy to get around.
They went into a big room that was set up like an auditorium, and already
people were filing in getting into seats when they found them. She could tell someone was up in front and heard talking from that direction. finally at seven the place quieted as Andrew started out the meeting with a microphone in front of him over a p. a. system.
" "welcome to our first fall meeting, and welcome to all the new residents too." he said clearly.
There was applause and Margo could tell there were indeed a lot of peple here tonight.
"I am here to answer any questions you all have, and to talk over our plans for our future." Andrew started out.
He actually went over all Margo had learned so far, and questions were asked about things. Most were the same questions she had asked him in their offices on shore. An hour later her escort took her bakc to her house and she thanked Ken for helping her. then she and Garth went to bed for the night.
The next day her phone rang again, and she found out it was amy inviting her to take awalk with her and her dog around the island. So they set off and met at the store where Amy was just getting off work. Another gal would take her afternoon for her. they walked around the island on a path that was much like a ring, and ended up at the snack bar where they bought ice cream and talked sitting on a bench there.
As they sat many residents came to the snack bar too, and amy introduced all of them to Margo. There was a small group that gathered around to talk to them, and some of them were guys.
They asked Margo where she was from, and what kinds of things she liked to do, and all about her dog.
She was soon chatting comfortably with them as if she had known them a long time.

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