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Chapter 3: Settling In
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 01:55 PM)

Chapter 3.
Settling In

She took the bus home, and told her parents about the entire thing plus her own reservations about it. "It seems crazy but maybe not," she said, "But I filled out the application anyway. They want to start businesses for the blind to run there,".
Her parents said they would support her decision no matter what that was. She was in her senior year now, and would have to find a job and move to her own place anyway.
This was what her sighted brother had done, and what she wanted to do too.
But then this thing had come up, so now she would wait for the results.
It was an entire month before she heard anything from Andrew's agency. She had been accepted, and there was an invitation to take up residence on the island by June. Her father wasn't sure but when she said she would try, he helped her pack her suitcases, and lots of boxes, and extra dogfood for Garth to take along. "Let us know if you need anything at all," they told her and she promised she would.
He drove them to the docks to meet the ferry and they kissed and hugged as she boarded.
She sat in the beach chair on deck as the boat slowly left the dock. This was a new adventure for her and Garth.
Across the bay Andrew and some other blind folks sat on the dock. Andrew sipped his coffee waiting for the ferry that would bring Margo here to the island along with some others who had also been accepted by the board.
The sun was out and it was nice waiting there. He said to his assistant, "are the houses ready Jack?"
"Yes we had ladies going all over them yesterday, you know the maids we hired from the mainland."
"That's good," Andrew said and listened again there was a sound of a boat motor coming their way. "it's almost here I think, he said rising and putting the coffee cup into the nearest trash bin.
The boat docked and the passengers slowly felt their way down the plank and stepped onto the island and were greeted by the people on the docks.
Margo was surprised how many were there to greet them and realized that some of the other passengers had also gotten off the boat as well. Then the boat left after some minutes as their luggage was unloaded for them onto carts. She saw that some sighted people who identified themselves herded the blind folks to various houses on the island and asking if they needed help unpacking. She was shown to a little cottage on one of the dirt lanes and given the keys. The cart with all her things was unloded into the living room...then she was left to her own devices.
Fortunately, her mom had given her groceries to last a month, so she started unloading those from the boxes and found the eat-in kitchen which she investigated. There was a nice range, fridge, and dishwasher with Braille markings and instructions, plus a clothes washer and dryer that were also marked with Braille too. "This is quite nice" she admitted as she put her groceries away. Soon she was finished, and although she had a sandwich on the boat and a drink she was now hungry again. She took a pan, and made herself a steak and cheese pepper sandwich that quickly filled her up nicely.
Then she worked to unpack all the boxes of books and her personal belongings. There were bookshelves that were just right for her Braille books and her print ones too. She put out her knickknacks, and other little things that made it feel more like home.
Then she had the long job of unpacking all her clothing and putting these away in the double closets she found. There was a nice double bed, and night table, plus two large tall dressers. She could see there was plenty of storage space in this house.
She had also found a big closet in the living room too where she put her coats and jackets, and boots. She put her shoes and sneakers in the closets in the bedroom. She found that there was even tie-downs for her dog, and got his bed out for him to lie on. The place really was nice she thought.
They had said that there was also a tall fenced area for her dog to go out too...but she hadn't investigated the back yard yet.
She had noticed when coming towards the house the air was full of the scent of roses and when she stepped onto the front portch she could smell the roses and assumed they were in a garden nearby.
She loved roses and liked what she found.
Now she wasn't quite sure what to do. She went to the kitchen and looked for a phone. There was one, and beside it was a Braille listing of people she saw who lived there and staff names too with phone numbers beside each name.
That made her feel more secure, and she also saw that the local police and fire and the hospital were also listed.
It seemd much was thought out, and she called home to tell her parents and her brother she had arrived safely, and told them all about the nice house she was given.
She had unboxed her stereo and television, and had plugged both of them in. She found an antenna lead for the television, and hoped this worked. then she turned it on and found she could get several channels. Then she tried the stereo and saw that there was a lot of radio stations as well. things were really shaping up for her.
She then decided it was time to look at the back yard, so she harnessed up Garth and went to the back door. This exited also onto a nice shady screened portch and she went onto the stairs going onto the lawn. She wandered around and found the fence and the gate leading to the driveway.
It was nice back there with big trees and shade and a nice lawn. There was also she had found out a good garage which she unlocked and investigated.
Finally, she and Garth went back into the house, and she again tied him on his bed. She thought maybe he might want to nap, and she was beginning to feel the same way.
So she made sure all the doors were locked, and the windows too, then she joined him in their bedroom and stretched out on the bed. Soon she was fast asleep listening to nothing but the wind in the trees, and the birds and seagulls.

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