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Chapter 2: A New Home
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 01:37 PM)

Chapter 2
A New Home

A few months later her mom was reading the paper, and she said aloud, "Margo there is this strange article about a man who is starting a community for the blind. Have you heard of this?"
Margo was just coming back inside from taking Garth out to do his business, and she paused in the middle of the living room with his leash in one hand and the dog sat beside her facing her mom.
:"oh good boy," she told him. His tail thumped on the floor as he received his praise.
"Well, I met him I think a long time back on the bus, and he has an organization downtown," Margo told her mother. "Maybe you should visit, and see what it's all about," her mom said and continued to tell her the information where to find the office, and its phone number which Margo wrote down out of curiosity when she reached her room.
She reached for the phone on her night table and dialed the number. She was surprised to find that there was a secretary to take messages, but the lady said that Andrew was in conference, and would get back to her, and would she like an appointment instead?
Margo thought about this. Did she really want to go further investigating this entire thing?
Was this guy for real?
She would soon find out. She scheduled an appointment for the next day, and got onto the bus headed for that office. when she had asked directions when exiting the bus, it was easily found, and she entered the lobby. She walked up where she heard the secretary working and introduced herself. "Oh yes, he has been expecting you." she was told. Then the secretary led her to a room a couple doors down on a long hallway.
When she went in she felt good carpets on the floor and Andrew stood when she came in. "Can I help you is this Margo?"
"Yes we meet again," she said with a smile in her voice.
"Welcome" he said "please have a seat by my desk" and he tapped a chair so she would know where to go, but Garth had already found it for her. "good boy" she whispered.
He wagged his tail and lay down by her to wait.
"We have made considerable progress since you and I met on that bus." Andrew told her. "We have been raising funds, and now we have purchased a very nice island just off the coast."
"oh?" Margo said.
"It has several buildings already useful for us, and a good dock for a boat launch, and we have hired someone to ferry us back and forth to the island." he mentioned. " May I ask just how many of you are there?" margo inquired curiously.
"There are about forty of us now, and it seems it all happend very quickly," he told her, "and we have lots of other applications to go through before we accept more blind folks there."
"What will you do now to keep busy"?
He said that they had set up some offices on the island, and that soon some of the folks homes would be in enough good repair so they would actually move to the island.
This all seemed so unreal to Margo. "How will you get supplies and go to the bank, and do errands from the island?"
We will have a regular ferry service from the land.": he told her.
"you still need sighted people to do that," she said.
"but yes, we do, but on this island the blind will be by themselves. We won't have to do what sighted people tell us to do."
Eventually, we will have businesses to run, and the blind will be hired by other blind folks. Nobody will care if you are blind or not."
"What about emergencies?" Margo wanted to know.
"We have doctors who will come over to the island to help us, and take us to the hospital via a medical boat." he told her.
She had little else to wonder about, it all seemed crazy.
"What does one have to do to sign up for this? and can one opt out if this doesn't work for you?"
"yes no problem." Andrew told her. She finally stood and said she had to go, after filling out an application. "We will be in touch," he told her as she left the office.

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