Blind Alley

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Chapter 1: Prospects
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 01:04 PM)

Blind Alley
Chapter 1

Margo was almost 18 years old, and still living with her parents. she had been blind since birth, but that didn't stop her much. she attended a college just thirty miles away, and got the bus to go to school every day. She traveled with her guide dog named Garth. He was handsome and very intelligent, and she loved him loads. He was always a good dog lying quietly during her classes, but he loved to work between the school buildings on campus. So lots of times she got to class faster than most of the other students. he was so quick and sure on his feet.
And she felt much confidence in his many abilities. they had been together only two years, but were melded into a nice team.
She was glad when classes started again, after kind of a slow summer and now they were ready to go back to campus again.
she had her backpack all loaded up with all she would need during the day, and she said goodbye to her dad as he left for work, then it was her turn and Garth's to leave for school.
she traveled several blocks and waited for the bus. Finally after being five minutes late, it drew up and she boarded. She quickly found a seat with Garth's help, and settled in for the ride.
At one of the stops a man got on, and then she realized that he too had a guide dog. They settled in right across from her, so she introduced herself.
His name was Andrew, and his dog was a big black Labrador named Phil.
They talked as they rode, and Andrew said that he was going to an office downtown. he said he was head of an organization for the blind. This interested her, and she asked what they did.
"I have this concept that we blind get stomped on a lot, and we need our own space to thrive," andrew told her, "so I'm
trying to get funds to do what I want about this."
"What's that?" Margo asked.
"Well, I want to buy an island, and only blind folks would live there," he said and waited for her response.
"What would the blind do on that island?" she asked incredulously.
"he faced her more she could tell by the direction of his voice. "we would finally live normally," he told her, "we would create our own jobs, go to school, have our own homes, and just be us."
"you mean like our own society, and that's it?" Margo asked.
"yes, and no more harassment from the sighted who hate or don't understand us." he told her. She was silent thinking and wondering if this guy was crazy or not.
She couldn't imagine anywhere like that and who in their right mind would fund such a place anyway.
She didn't have time to concentrate on this however, as their stop came up so she said goodbye politely and got off the bus and walked across campus to her first class. All day though, it kept coming back to her about that guy on the bus. She didn't know if she agreed with him or not. People treated her okay at school, but she did know that in many ways the blind were restricted by sighted people's attitudes. So she didn't hold any judgement about him, but she didn't think any person would ever fund his project.

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