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Chapter 6: Time Passage and Progress
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 03:02 PM)

Chapter 6 Passage of Time and Progress

Andrew again stood on the dock with James, his assistant. "Well, he asked, "did Dick take the job?"
" he did." James told him. "We now have a fulltime clerk at the office."
"That's wonderful." andrew said, "it was getting too much to do everything alone."
"It sure was." James said, "The applications are coming in droves."
Andrew sighed. "i was having a hard time keeping up, but thankfully most were in Braille so it was easier that way."
they walked along towards the new cafe that one of James' friends had opened up. The place did well, and lots of people got lunch there. It was also run by blind staff. James reached for the menus handing one to Anderew. The menus were in Braille so ordering was easily done. The waitress came and both men knew she was blind too. She was cheerful and took their order which was filled in a few minutes. The food was great, and they had a good lunch, leaving tips for their waitress too.
The evening came and the winds picked up a lot. Margo took Garth out and she decided it was time for her to find her winter clothing that she'd stored in the basement. She went downstairs and dragged up the suitcases. She put on a fleece shirt, and found her best fleece pajamas, and her slippers. This would do for tonight, but she took out her winter parka from the coat closet and laid it by the door on a couch. Then she found her favorite hat and mittens. and some woolen socks to go with this and some heavy fleece slacks and long underwear too.
all this she laid out so that she could use it tomorrow morning because she heard there would be snow on the ground.
The rest of the day she spent listening to television and cooking supper, giving Garth his dinner and taking him outside after that.
She had made a good hot stew, and downed it gratefully.
The winds blew hard outside, and now as night fell, she could hear snow pelting against the windows, but she and Garth were warm and cozy. She had found his blankets for him and put them around him on his bed, before she climbed into hers with the fleece blankets and her heavy comforter.
It was a cold snowy night but they were fine.
She was glad she had gone to the store earlier that day for supplies
In the morning she took her dog out, and had some breakfast. She stepped out into only about three inches of snow, so she thought to take a walk to the cafe. The wind was cold as they walked, but as soon as she opened the door there was the welcome scent of cooking, and coffee. She ordered a hot cup while she waited for a table. Even in this weather others had ventured out for breakfast. The snow didn't seem to curtail business she thought as she was shown to an empty table. She ordered some coffee and coffee cake that seemed to be just baked. It was all very good.
Then after she paid the bill she walked back to the house. After that they got lots of snow and storms came into the island slashing it with snow, rain, and ice pellets.
She was warm inside the house, but wondered when it was all going to let up. Between storms she got groceries and carted them home in her pack.
Spring finally came and the flowers came out, and the scent of growing things met her as she left the house. She went for what she thought was the same walk she and Amy had taken last summer, but somehow she got turned around, and spent the next hour trying to figure out where she was. Finally she figured it out and she was by the older buildings on the island where the business district was now starting up. Since she had figured this out she began to explore more. Some of the shops were now open. she went into one small shop and started looking around. It was a gift shop, and there were all sorts of knickknacks she liked. There were little dogs and cats, some sailboats, and other nice things on all the shelves neatly arranged. There was someone at the counter, and she bought a little black Labrador she found that reminded her of the big dog she had with her as her guide, Garth.
The lady at the counter said, "oh you must be new here?"
"Oh fairly so, I moved in last summer," she told the woman. "I'm Virginia. I hope you will come back?"
"oh I will. Thank you. It's a nice shop." she answered. Margo realized hearing again the talking cash register that virginia was also blind but she didn't comment. all the shops a were run by the blind for the blind.
The next shop was a clothing shop for women. She went to the racks to see what was up here. To her surprise all the tags on them were in Braille describing all the sizes and colors of the clothing plus the pricing of course.
She had a wonderful time looking at all the new dresses and blouses, and found some new jeans and t-shirts she wanted. Going to the counter she found two women who seemed very cheerful, and they helped her buy the items that she stuck into her pack.
She couldn't have felt more welcome as they offered her some cookies and a drink. she sat on a chair and talked to them for a time.
Edna had been with the island about two years and her friend Beth had been there three years. They had been offered this job and they said they both enjoyed it. They talked of the community, and its goals and everything else and she knew again she had made new friends.
She finally said goodbye and her thanks, and left the shop.
The next shop she found was a hardware store, and she looked around. the items there were all marked with signs in Braille too. the two men at the counter asked her if there was anything she was looking for and she asked if they had some mops she could buy. They did, and they helped her strap it to her pack. Already she had so much she had to go home now just to deposit all her shopping into her house. Never had she had such a successful shopping trip.
At home she put away all the items adding her little Labrador to her collection of dogs on the bookshelf in the living room. she must remember to visit the business district again soon.
She realized that from the time entering all the shop she hadn't needed any sighted assistance at all.
That was totally new to her.
Garth plopped on his bed satisfied, and she gave him a biscuit. "you are such a good dog." she told him patting his big head. He looked up at her and she knew he understood.

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