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Chapter 5: Social Events
(by Karen B., added on 30 August 2015 02:42 PM)

Chapter 5

Social Events
Margo's new friends said they were going to a game event in the administration building and would Margo and Amy like to come too? Margo liked board games and cards so they went with the group there. She had a very nice fun afternoon playing scrabble and Monopoly in Braille with them.
Then they went to a club they said was all run by the blind and it was a dinner club. so she had anight out as well. tired but satisfied, she went home with Garth. This was such a wonderful day for them.
The next night she attended a described commedy movie for the blind, and enjoyed that too.
Every day seemed to have something particularly taylored to the needs for the blind. Next morning she wanted to visit the school where the library was, and this was her goal. She loved to read books, and wanted to see what was there. When she arrived the librarian also turned out to be blind, and he was very helpful with finding some books for her to bring with her little cart home.
She would have to bring them back when she finished with them of course.
She thought how wonderful it was that everything was being run by blind folks on this island.
Garth was adjusting well and she had no worries where he was concerned. They could take the little ferry back and forth for the vet too. In case of emergency they would even get a plane to take them over there for medical needs.
The summer seemed to fly by with all the activities she could do here. They had sailing lessons with a teacher that came to the island, and she loved taking long walks with Garth and her new friends.
A couple nights there were even dances held in the big ballroom in the administrative building too. She was afraid nobody would ask her to dance but they did, and soon she had plenty of dance partners that night.
She even met a very nice fellow who was another guide dog user, and his name was Gilbert. His dog's name was Lilly who was a giant black Labrador but very friendly.
Garth was a bit smaller than his Lilly. He was also a black Labrador.
Gilbert asked her to dance three times over. He was funny and witty, and she liked being with him. He took her back to her table where she gulped down some cold punch, and ate some goodies that she got from the buffet, and he sat with her at the table and they talked.
He'd had a good job with the phone company, but had been laid off, so there was nothing else to do since he didn't have another job to go to. He had heard of the project from a friend, and decided that there was nothing to lose so had done the application and the rest was history he said.
Again Margo was reminded that seventy percent of the blind were unemployed.
After they had finished snacks he got up excusing himself, and she heard him ask yet another gal to dance too.
She waited, and someone came to her table. "hi they told me you were here," Andrew said in his low voice. "would you dance with me Margo?"
She said she would. They talked while dancing and he brought her back to the table again where Garth waited for them. "how are you getting along ?" he asked as she sat down again. "just fine, and there is so much to do here it's great."
"we really do try." he told her. "Let me know if you need anything at all. Call me okay?"
"I will thanks for the dances." she told him. He said goodbye and disappeared in the crowded room.
She was joined by Amy and some of her friends at the table next, and they spent the rest of the night chatting.
She had loved this night too, and went home happy.

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