Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 8: can I have a word?
(by emily, added on 1 January 2018 02:55 PM)

"morgan!" barked cowboy bob coming over to him. " morgan!. you are meant to be brushing the dogs, not stroking them!. even andrew is doing a better job than you are. put rambo down, and brush those dogs."

" excuse me?" jennifer was shocked. " andrew might be getting more stuck in than morgan, but morgan is making great progress here. why, today he even asked a direct question."

" la la la" mumbled cowboy bob as he continued down the line praising some of the work, and shouting at others.

at the end of the day bob spoke up.

" you all did great," he said, glaring in jennifer's direction. " now let's go back inside and get ourselves ready for dinner."

as jennifer wheeled morgan inside, bob stopped her.

" jenifer, I'd like a word with you" bob said, and before she had a chance to respond, guided her and morgan in to his private office.

" jennifer" he started, " I'm not sure if this ranch is going to work for morgan. I mean we're 2 days in and all hee's done is stroke the animals. he's not done any work at all."

jennifer looked calmly at bob and replied, " morgan is special. he's making really good progress, and I think as long as we allow him to stroke the animals, he'll be fine. eventually, we can start him on other things."

bob shook his head.

" this ranch," he said, " is a place for people to come and work at getting their lives back on track. all morgan is doing is stroking a cat. he's not working at all."

" um, and a dog" said jennifer.

" right, and a dog" said bob.

morgan started to get irritated

jennifer reached her hand down to pat his.

" not long," she said. " not long until we can go back and get ready for dinner."

she turned back to bob.

" you need to give him a fair chance" she said. " what kind of progress do you expect from an adult in just 2 days?"

bob shook his head.

" I don't think he should be here" he said. " the others are way ahead of morgan in terms of wanting to move forward."

" I want to b here," morgan announced. " I want to stroke the cat, and I want to walk rambo."

" you see?" jennifer said. " he spoke again."

" about blasted animals" bob said. " get him focussing on other things, or he's out."

bob foldded his arms.

" anyway, I suppose you better be getting back" he said. " you'll miss dinner."

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