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Chapter 7: The next friend.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 19 December 2017 08:01 PM)

The next morning Jennifer got Morgan up at the normal time that the ranch ordered you to be awake. After assisting Morgan and Andrew with getting ready they then all went down stairs for breakfast. The cat had gone out during the night while Morgan was asleep so he was not yet aware that the cat was not there. After Breakfast Bob announced the chores for the day.

"Morgan will be in charge of looking after the dogs today, he'll need to feed and brush them. He'll also need to make sure that there all happy and comfortable."

Morgan did not respond, however when Jennifer wheeled him to the Kenol's Morgan heard the dogs happy barks as they saw people approaching. However he did not get involved in any of the work with the dogs, Andrew however got stuck in and really started doing what Jennifer instructed. While Morgan sat in his chair not making an effort a lab approached and started sniffing him, the lab then sat expectantly waiting for attention. Morgan however ignored him and just continued to sit there despondently not knowing what to do. He knew now why he was here but he just did not see how this place could help him. The lab however was not taking no for an answer and started sniffing him and nudging him with his head. Morgan suddenly put his hand out and started stroking the dog gently, the dog's tail wagged happily and Morgan smiled as he felt his tale wag against him. "What's his name?" Morgan said un expectedly. Jennifer shocked that Morgan had asked a direct question rushed over to him, there was something about this young man she liked and she really wanted him to respond.

"This is Rambo, he's a black Lab and he's 3 years old, his main work on the ranch is to assist the residents with there recovery by letting them take him for walks and play with him."

Morgan nodded suddenly he knew what he wanted to do, he wanted to be able to walk the dog and not with his wheelchair, he wanted to walk again. Maybe now his mother had done the write thing sending him here and for the first time since his accident he dared to hope that there might be a life for him still.

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