Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 6: morgan's requirements
(by emily, added on 28 February 2017 02:00 PM)

after watching morgan and the cat for a while, bob said to jennifer

"we need to go inside now. we need to discuss morgan's requirements. what food he likes, his rooteen, stuff like that."
when jennifer didn't answer, he aded " we want everyone's stay at the ranch to be as nice as possible."

turning to morgan, he took the cat from him and put it down on the ground.

morgan started to scream, punch himself, and rock violently.

" morgan," jennifer said gently. " we need to go inside, so we can tell bob what food you like to eat. you want all the food you like at home, don't you?."

morgan continued to scream

turning to bob, she asked " can the cat come inside?. morgan loves the cat, and while we talk, he can stroke the cat."

bob shook his head. " it's not a good idea," he said, " some of the other people staying here may hurt it."

jennifer begged. " please bob, i'll never get him inside if he can't have the cat. the cat's opening him up. please."

"no," said bob. "I may have agreed that morgan can keep the cat, but not inside the building."

jennifer reached down and gently took morgan by the hand.

"this will only take a few seconds, morgan. after that, you can have the cat."

morgan broke free of jennifer's grip, and lifted his hand to strike her face.

"now now morgan," said bob sternly. "that's not good behaviour."

"just let him bring the cat, please." said jennifer."once we've worked out what else he likes, we can use it to bribe him."

bob sighs. "do I have a choice?," he asked

"thank you," said jennifer.

she picked up the cat and gave it to morgan, who instantly calmed down

once inside, morgan waited with cowboy bob while jennifer went to his room to fetch his rooteen list packed away in his bag.

"i've found it," she finally said.

bob took the list, and started to read.

"morgan likes candy, chrisps, chocolate and cookies." he began. turning to jennifer, he remarked, " that's not very healthy is it?"

he continued reading, "for dinner, morgan usually has chicken nuggets or fish fingers. morgan likes animals, especially cats".

turning to jennifer again, bob remarked " yes, I know he likes cats!".

"morgan goes to bed at 8 PM, and always has a bedtime story read to him. he likes peace and quiet, and he can get angry and violent if his rooteen is interupted."

bob smiled. "right," he said, "now I know what he likes, I have a better understanding of him."

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