Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 3: the bus ride
(by emily, added on 19 January 2017 09:55 AM)

"the wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round" blaired the sterrio on the bus.

most of the people on the bus were tapping their toes to the music, or moving from side to side

jennifer sat with morgan and started to explain where they were headed

" so," jennifer began, " we're going to what's called a ranch. the ranch has loads of animals on it, cows and horses, pigs, and sheep. it's going to be our job to look after them".

morgan didn't move, in fact jennifer wondered if he'd even heard her

" the itsy bitsty spider climbed up the water spout" blaired the sterrio

jennifer watched morgan to see his reaction to the music, but their wasn't any

in fact he just sat their staring at the ground

the bus moved along through the country. it was a sunday, and their wasn't much traffic at all

jennifer decided that she'd explain more about the ranch.

" so you're going to stay in a room with someone else", she said. " I don't know who yet, when we get to the ranch, our tuide will tell us."

"their are lots of people to socialise with" she aded. " their are 50 people on this trip, i am sure you'll make friends."

no response from morgan

jennifer reached across and lightly touched morgan's hand.

" are you listening to what I am saying?" she asked, not so much in a harsh tone, but with enough emotion to indicate that she actually required his attention.

nothing from morgan. nothing at all.

jennifer sat back in her seat and smiled. she figured it was still early days, and eventually morgan would make progress

but as they aproaced the ranch and jennifer looked at morgan, she could see that actually he'd not registered a thing.

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