Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 9: life before
(by emily, added on 1 January 2018 03:03 PM)

not even morgan could remember what life was like before his accident.

though he longed to walk again, and to play with the dogs, it had been 2 years. 2 long years since the accident, and morgan couldn't remember much.

he had memories.

at home he had a shelf in his bedroom full of things to remind him of his old life.

a black and white football from when he used to play football for his school, some certificates from when he graduated to colledge, even pictures of his old friends. friends that morgan loved dearly, but had not been able to see since the accident.

he doubted that most of those friends would want to see him now.

gone were the days where morgan and his friends would run across the field playing football, or walk through the woods making campfires, no... morgan's friends wouldn't want to see him. not like this- not in a wheelchair, they wouldn't know how to react. they were all so indipendend and would probably laugh

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