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Chapter 5: pussy cat
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 06:38 PM)

deciding he'd had enough of andrew for now, jennifer wheeled morgan out of the building.

" let's explore the ranch," said jennifer smiling. "I wonder what we can find?"

outside, all the animals were running about enjoying themselves

jennifer walked around the ranch for a little while.

" it's so nice to be outside," said jennifer. "breav in that fresh, clean air."

then, a strange thing happened

morgan, who had not payed attention to anything since ariving at the ranch had started jumping up and down.

jennifer looked at him, but couldn't see what he was so excited about

they listened, hoping to hear a sound

"meow" came a sound from 1 of the trees

as jennifer wheeled morgan closer to the trees, morgan got really excited.

jennifer, reaching the tree, bent down to investigate.

" their's a littlek itty cat down here," said jennifer. she stroked it for a little while, so the cat could get used to her, then tried to coax the cat to come out ffrom under the trees

she succeeded in picking the cat up, and holding him close to morgan.

" he's a cat", said jenifer. " I wonder what a cat is doing on a ranch?"

morgan jumped up and down in his chair

jennifer, who got an idea of what he might want, gave him the cat to hold

morgan was ever so careful, he stroked the cat, he hugged the cat, and he looked relaxed, jennifer thought

then, something even stranger happened

"meow," whispered morgan

" he spoke", said jennifer, who was unaware that morgan even had a voice- he'd been so quiet in the bus.

" meow", whispered morgan again

"we need to put the cat down now, morgan" jennifer took the cat from him

the moment she had done so, morgan let out a scream, hit himself in the face, and started to rock violently from side to side.

" morgan!", jennifer reached down to calm him. " let's go and say hello to the cows".

morgan was still causing a real sceen.

"5 more minits with the cat," jennifer relented

as soon as morgan held the cat in his arms, he was silent and still.

cowboy bob came in to view and spotted jennifer and morgan

" finished unpacking so soon?" said bob coming closer.

he looked at morgan and asked, " what do you have their, son?"

morgan lifted his head, and said, "meow."

" we found a cat", jjennifer expanded.

" oh really. well, he's obviously a stray and needs to get off my ranch."

saying this, cowboy bob took thee cat from morgan

morgan, as before, started screaming, waving, and rocking violently from side to side

" he likes the cat, I think" said jennifer. " you know it's the first time he's spoken since we've arrived."

" is it now" said bob, lowering the cat to the floor. " well, regardless, this isn't our cat, it has to go."

morgan let out an extra loud scream

"if you'd just let him keep the cat," said jennifer

" no way" said bob. "his owner's are probably looking for him as we speak".

morgan screamed again
jennifer, who was paying very little attention to bob, bent down and pick up the cat.

" he likes me," she said. " here morgan," she gave him the cat. " stroke the cat for a while."

in sted of the usual meow, morgan grinned at the cat

"pussycat!" he announced, as he stroked the cat.

" that is pretty cute," admitted bob. " well, I guess it's just a cat. let him keep it for now."

" pussycat!" announced morgan again. then he said, " meow"

" he's made a friend on the ranch all ready, and it's a cat" said jennifer.

jennifer and bob shared a look, then they both smiled down at morgan

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