Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 1: Introducing Morgan.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 2 January 2015 02:37 AM)

Morgon Michaels sat in his wheelchair staring blankly out of the window of his bedroom in his parents big house. Morgan was 20 years old and had dark brown hair blue eyes and was very well built. he was around six foot four and his arms and legs were pure muscle. His smile however hardly came anymore due to the accident that had recked his life two years before. Morgan had been a top student but his main subjects were music and sports. All the top colleges had been scouting him and he was about to get a massive scholarship to one of the major schools. However one night after a game of soccer he'd gone out with his friends to celebrate there win. he'd stupidly got in his car and driven home drunk. he'd suffered a major accident which left him blind and unable to walk talk or move anything apart from his arms and head. Morgan had been allowed home after rehab had done all they could. His father julian unable to handle his disabilities walked out leaving Heidi his mother to take up the slack herself. Morgan was an only child as Heidi had needed a hysterectomy after Morgan was born due to the birth being very difficult she'd suffered two much bleeding and it had been the only way of saving both there lives. They had discussed adopting another child however Julian refused saying if they could not be his own children he was not interested. Heidi had a very successful business which she ran from home, it was an online bookstore which she'd started not long after Morgon's third birthday. Julian had called her a fool for taking that kind of risk but it had taken off like a rocket. she'd now even extended her business to selling ebooks and that had really taken her to the next level. however since Morgan had his accident she'd sold the company for a massive sum of money allowing them to be comfortable where they lived. She now did some free lance music teaching from home and her business from that was enough to allow her and Morgan to have everything they needed.

Every day since he'd come home was the same for Morgan now, he just sat there in his chair unable to do anything. The doctors had said that there was a slight possibility that some of his movement could be restored but a lot of it was Morgan himself giving up. his sight could not be restored but the doctor had said if he was determined enough he may walk again and maybe speak. Heidi had spent hours on the internet trying to find a program that might give him the chance to recover. she was searching the internet when her phone rang.

"Heidi Michaels speaking, how can i help?"

"Hay babe how's things." her sister Holly asked. Heidi side and just shook her head then remembering they were on the phone spoke "No change, he's just given up completely there's nothing i can do anymore and i've had no luck." Holly who was a doctor smiled and was glad she had now phoned. "Can I come round straight away theres something i'd like to talk to you and Morgon about."

Heidi said that was fine. Holly arrived 20 minutes later a massive folder and dvd in her hands. Heidi had brought Morgon down stairs and he just nodded when holly said hello.

"I've found something that might be the answer for Morgon, i was speaking to one of my other friends from work and they gave me this dvd let's watch it and if you like what you see this folder has more information." the dvd was switched on and it was also audio described and a documentary so Morgon would have no trouble following it.

The dvd was about a new ground breaking therapy that was being tried out around the world, it involved going to a residential camp and staying on a ranch with different animals, there were therapists who assisted patients with taking care of the animals and as they learned different skills the therapy could enable a person to start getting over there accident and learn to do everything again. it had helped people far worse than Morgan and people had made great strides. each person was given a one to one therapist who would be responsible for that persons program and would be there councillor also. Morgan shook his head, he'd always been an animal lover but now since his accident he'd given up all hope. the therapy also involved music as well, along with the animal therapy there was also music therapy provided which was something that was provided as part of the whole program. The minimum stay was 1 year and the maximum was however long you took to respond or until the therapists and staff had felt they'd done all they could. After the video Holly and Heidi read threw the information and found that the program cost a huge amount, as money was no object Heidi had no problem paying.

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