Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 4: andrew
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 09:27 AM)

the ranch was huge.

animals- horses, sheep, pigs and cows, were free to wonder the ground

their were apple trees. their were pair trees. their was even country music playing.

jennifer wheeled morgan around the ranch, while they waited for their guide

it didn't take long for him to arrive.

a door opened, that led in to a house, and out came the guide

a tall man with blue eyes and long hair. he wore cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat

"howdie!" he said, " my name is cowboy bob, and i'm going to be your guide for the ranch!".

he continued, " so what we have here, is called a ranch. here we look after all kinds of animals, we pick fruit, and we do a lot of hard work. are you all ready for that?"

their were a few nods from the more able participants

" okay, but before you all get to work, we need to sort you out a room in the house!". gesturing to the house, he said " each room in the house is a double room. you will be staying with someone else in the room, and you will have 1 support worker between both of you. while you are here, you will be expected to work. got it?"

again their was a few nods

" right, so, um" said cowboy bob, scanning the crowd" which 1 of you is james?"

james was wheeled forward.

" you're gonna share a room with tommy", said bob. " which 1 of you is tommy?".

tommy was braught forward.

bob decided that james and tommy would have alicia, who was tommy's support worker.

" next, let's have mark and frank together!" explained bob

this went on. bob shouting out names, and those 2 people grouping up to share a room
he scanned the crowd again

" ah.. only 2 people left. morgan and andrew!".

jennifer, who had been silently listening, suddenly rushed forward and whispered something to bob.

bob whispered something back, then scowled.

" the idea of this programme is to develop skills and interact with people. morgan might be shy, but that won't do at the ranch. it won't do at all". bob didn't look too pleased.

thankfully, morgan's worker jennifer was chosen to support morgan and andrew.

" to your rooms!" growled bob. "unpack, quickly, and meet back here in 20 minits"

morgan and andrew's room was decorated to look like a gigantic chicken coop.

their were even plastic egs on the wall, and when you opened the door, an electronic sensor went " buck buck"

andrew, morgan's room mate, was slightly older than morgan.
he loved animals, and always carried with him a book- old mcdonalds guide to the farm.

he would flip through the book, stop on a random page, and say something like

" this is a pig. a pig goes oink oink, and it gives us sausages and bacon." he'd pause at the end of the page, then scream, "I love sausages and bacon, this must mean, I love pigs!"

then he'd start again with other animals on the farm

jennifer looked at morgan and could see he was unsettled by andrew's loud voice

" it's okay," said jennifer, stroking morgan's face. " he'll be finished soon"

andrew, meanwhile, had started again with chickens

" this is a chicken, chickens go buck buck buck, and they give us eggs!". once again, he paused, then screamed " I love egs, so I must love chickens!".

jjennifer sighed. even she wished that andrew would just stop now. noto nly for morgan's sake, but for her's. she was getting a head ache

jennifer started to help morgan to unpack.

clothes, shoes, a teddy bear, some candy, were just some of the things she unpacked and put away
andrew was turning his unpacking in to a loud experience

he withdrew from his bag a blue stuffed dolphin

he looked at the dolphin, and said

" hmm, it's blue, and it's a dolphin".

he paused, then screamed " this must mean I love dolphins!".

" yeah, yeah, we know" said jennifer, but instantly regreted saying it

andrew piped up again " someone's talking to me, she sounds like a female".

long pause

then he screamed " I love females!".

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