Reaching Morgan.

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Chapter 2: preparation
(by emily, added on 26 March 2015 04:45 PM)

it was going to be such an adventure

fresh air, loads of people to socialise with, and animals to look after.

having payed for the programme, Heidie began to organize transport and also contacted the ranch, and told them what foods morgan liked, what time he usually went to bed, that sort of thing. she wanted to make sure everything was perfict!

she smiled to herself as she headed to pack morgan's things. she knew that she'd made the right choice, and she hoped that morgan would apreciate it, too.

morgan, as usual, was sitting in his chair oblivious to what was going on. when heidie entered the room, she smiled at him, then began packing his suitcase. the next day would be his first day at the ranch, and it was going to be a very long day.

at around 10 PM, she returned to his room, lifted him from the chair, and put him to bed. kissing him goodnight, she walked out of the room

however, once in the living room, realisation hit her, and she began to question what she'd done.

what if they don't treat him well?, she thought. what if this isn't even going to work?. then tears came to her eyes.. and... i'm going to miss him, she said out loud

she made herself a cup of coffee, then went back to sit on the sofa to turn on the TV.

the latest episode of a DIY show she liked was on. she settled back, thinking about morgan's new programme, and if it was, really, a good idea

the next morning at around 8A.M, heidi got morgan up, dressed him in his finest clothes, gave him breakfast, then waited for the transport that would take morgan to the ranch

it didn't take long. about an hour later, a mini bus drew up outside their house, and a woman got out.

she introduced herself as jennifer and said she would be in charge of making sure that all the people on the bus were well looked after.

heidi gave morgan 1 final kiss, before jennifer wheeled him out, up the ramp of the bus, and signalled for the driver to continue on

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