The rogue angel chronicles: volume 1

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Chapter 1: Prologue
(by Matteo Hapta, added on 25 July 2014 04:20 PM)

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, the 1st of May 1776

Gerhard was Walking along the Kärntner Street when he suddenly heard a scream from one of the many back alleys. He followed the scream and was shocked by what he saw.
In the alley, a woman lay sprawled on the ground. two men stood over her laughing. they had knives in their Hands and they looked very dangerous. One of the men stabbed his knife into the woman's face. She screamed in agony and oth men laughed. Gerhard was shocked by what he saw, so he ran into the alley, brandishing a 3 feet long sabre. The light that remained was being reflected by the blade, making it as if the blade was collored in red.
He screamed "leave the Girl alone, she hasn't done anything to you!". "Get back old man", one of the men shouted, "She Needs to die, for the world is safer without her." The man rushed at Gerhard, brandishing his bloody knife. Gerhard drew his sabre ahd both of them engaged in a furious battle. Gerhard drove the man to the ground and put his sabre to the throt of the man. But he forgot the second man. He stabbed Gerhard in the back. Gerhard fell to the ground and the sabre fell out of his now cold Hand.
"He is dead at last!" "Yes he is, but the sabre..." "what is with it?" "We should destroy it." The man with the bloody knife planted his foot onto the sabre, wich broke in two. Meanwhile, the second man killed the Girl.
The men ran out of the alley, laughing.
Many centouries passed...

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