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Chapter 3: Coming home
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:29 AM)

She rode the bus to the Food Court, where she paid for a barbeque chicken sandwich, no trickery. When she boarded the bus again to go home, she sat next to an old man, most likely in his sixties, who slept the whole way. Lauren was a very talkative person, and did not like this, so she attempted to talk to the people around her. Nobody seemed to have much interest, and she felt she had used her powers enough that day, so she just went into random people's minds, and zoned out until the bus stopped, and it was time to get off. She didn't go straight home, for it was not quite time for dinner, and she had promised to be home by dinner. So she went over to one of her friends' houses, where she talked to her friend Lucy until dinnertime. When Lucy went for dinner, Lauren meandered home, where she was met at the door by her Uncle James. Behind him, the seven year old twins, Matthew and Sady, stood whispering suspiciously as always. Mick, their twelve year old brother, stood by their parents, as grown-up as ever. Lauren had to admit, she could be immature sometimes. As she sat down to hot, steaming, tomato soup, she recalled what she had done that day. Basically she just woke up, stampeded the Castle, ate lunch, went to Lucy's, and came home. Sounds simple, but it was a very complex thing to do.

She didn't need to ask what her family did that day, she just read it from their minds. She liked freaking them out when she asked how the pool was, or whatever else they might've done.
After dinner, Lauren played chess with Mick, then retired into her room for the night, doing things on her computer.

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