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Chapter 1: Meeting Lauren
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:18 AM)

Lauren was a fifteen year old girl who had special powers. She was tall and slim, with long, light brown hair and blue eyes, and lived with three siblings, a mom, a dad, and an uncle. She was the only one that had these special powers. She could read minds. She often let loose, and read her family's minds. She went to a normal school, ever since preschool.

When she was little, Lauren was confused at why she kept getting random, unknown thoughts in her head, that were obviously not hers. As she got older, she learn that she could read minds, and learned to control the powers so she could use them to her advantage. She liked to go on adventures, exploring the city and reading people's minds. Sometimes, she'd even go into forbidden places, and use her powers to make people think they didn't need to be there, so she could get through. It was risky, but not with these powers.

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