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Chapter 1: Meeting Lauren
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:18 AM)

Lauren was a fifteen year old girl who had special powers. She was tall and slim, with long, light brown hair and blue eyes, and lived with three siblings, a mom, a dad, and an uncle. She was the only one that had these special powers. She could read minds. She often let loose, and read her family's minds. She went to a normal school, ever since preschool.

When she was little, Lauren was confused at why she kept getting random, unknown thoughts in her head, that were obviously not hers. As she got older, she learn that she could read minds, and learned to control the powers so she could use them to her advantage. She liked to go on adventures, exploring the city and reading people's minds. Sometimes, she'd even go into forbidden places, and use her powers to make people think they didn't need to be there, so she could get through. It was risky, but not with these powers.

Chapter 2: The Adventure
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:28 AM)

One day, during summer vacation, Lauren woke up, and decided that she want to go on an adventure unlike any she had ever been on. She was up for extreme danger and adventure.
So she got out of bed and threw on some clothes. After writing a quick note to her family that she would be back for dinner, she left the house and waited at the nearby bus stop. She saw that the next bus to the Forbidden Area wasn't for another half hour, and started thinking about what she would do when she got there. The Forbidden Area was a large area, and there were many places to go. She decided to go to the Castle, just to fool the sentries into letting her visit the King and Queen, but not really seeing them, just to fool the sentries.
Finally, the bus came, and she got on, the familiar sounds of a crowded bus filling her ears as she scanned her pass at the front. She sat down next to a young woman, probably around the age of twenty or thirty. She soon dissolved into an interesting conversation about the history of the Castle. Her acquaintance seemed to know a lot about the Forbidden Area, more than Lauren would ever know. As they exchanged information, (Lauren wanted to keep in touch with this lady in case they never met again.) the bus came to a halt, and they said goodbye as Lauren departed into the early morning. The sky was a sunset orange color, Lauren's favorite color. She stood there for a moment, stunned, and watched as the sun came up and lit the royal village. She set off to the nearby Castle, and came to her first assignment, a a sentry guarding the path to the gate. She sat there pondering what she would make the sentry want. She finally went over, and after a short argument with the sentry, made him crave doughnuts. He dashed inside, and Lauren dashed in after him before he could close and lock the door. She stood in the shadows, where he wouldn't be able to spot her. She went down the hall that she knew led to the Royal Meeting Room. As expected, she was met by three of the King's Men. After scattering one to the left for the bathroom, another to the well for water, and the third to the right for new shorts, (She made him think they were too dirty to be presentable) she continued on past the gate to where two more sentries awaited. One ran off to the kitchen for a snack, and the other dashed off for the bathroom. She crept on, to where one guard stood blocking the Royal Meeting Room. They figured that if the person could get through the other five, there was no need, but just to be safe, they put one. He ran off to the kitchen. Finally, Lauren appeared, grinning, into the Royal Meeting Room, where the King and Queen awaited at the head of the large table, on which sat a thousand different dishes, luxuriously placed around the table.
Now staring at the King and Queen, looking taken aback, she grinned carelessly, and ran out. As she proceeded down the hall, sentries standing guard at gates ran after her, but she didn't care. Sending a few sentries here and another few there, she was down to only one sentry chasing her, and sent him to stand guard at one of the gates. Finally, she was free. Sometimes, the Castle needs a little excitement in it! she thought as she made her way to the bus stop.

Chapter 3: Coming home
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:29 AM)

She rode the bus to the Food Court, where she paid for a barbeque chicken sandwich, no trickery. When she boarded the bus again to go home, she sat next to an old man, most likely in his sixties, who slept the whole way. Lauren was a very talkative person, and did not like this, so she attempted to talk to the people around her. Nobody seemed to have much interest, and she felt she had used her powers enough that day, so she just went into random people's minds, and zoned out until the bus stopped, and it was time to get off. She didn't go straight home, for it was not quite time for dinner, and she had promised to be home by dinner. So she went over to one of her friends' houses, where she talked to her friend Lucy until dinnertime. When Lucy went for dinner, Lauren meandered home, where she was met at the door by her Uncle James. Behind him, the seven year old twins, Matthew and Sady, stood whispering suspiciously as always. Mick, their twelve year old brother, stood by their parents, as grown-up as ever. Lauren had to admit, she could be immature sometimes. As she sat down to hot, steaming, tomato soup, she recalled what she had done that day. Basically she just woke up, stampeded the Castle, ate lunch, went to Lucy's, and came home. Sounds simple, but it was a very complex thing to do.

She didn't need to ask what her family did that day, she just read it from their minds. She liked freaking them out when she asked how the pool was, or whatever else they might've done.
After dinner, Lauren played chess with Mick, then retired into her room for the night, doing things on her computer.

Chapter 4: The Forbidden Area
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:32 AM)

When Lauren got up the next morning, she decided that she wanted to learn more about the history about the Forbidden Area and its contents. So she put on clothes, ate breakfast, wrote a quick note to her family, and left.

Once outside the door, she walked to the nearby bus stop, boarded the bus, and got off at a library. She had brought her computer so she could take quick notes on her findings. When she got to the library, she questioned the librarian about where the books on the Forbidden Area were. She then sat down with a stack of books on the Forbidden Area, all to be studied and taken notes on. The first book she opened was about why commoners were not allowed in the Forbidden Area. These are the notes she took.
The Forbidden Area is strictly for the Royals. It is where the Castle, the Royal Court, and the Royal Bank are located. Many people can get in to the Forbidden Area by bus, since bus routes are not monitored.
Then she took notes on the History of the Forbidden Area.
The Forbidden Area dates back to before the year 1200 AD. The Castle has been rebuilt hundreds of times. The Royal Court, though neae rebuilt, has been remodeled countless times. The Royal Bank is the only monument that has never been rebuilt or remodeled since its construction in 2800 AD.

Chapter 5: Friending the King
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:34 AM)

The day after Lauren went to the library to find out about the Forbidden Area, she decided that she wanted to go back into it. This time, she would actually have an intended purpose, friending the King and Queen. It would not be an easy task, but she was up for the challenge. This time, when she left the house, her whole family was up, and the twins begged to come with her.

"No, it's too dangerous. I have to do this alone." She insisted.

"But they will see how cute we are and just friend you, without a second thought!" Sady commmented innocently.

"Yeah, but I'd prefer to take the challenge alone." Lauren insisted, stuck on her point. She finally escaped the pleading looks of Sady and Matthew by just walking out the door. She ignored the loud, obnoxious yelling from the twins. She finally reached the bus stop, where she couldn't hear them anymore. When she boarded, she saw that the lady that had been on there the first day was on there again. They had a lively conversation discussing the rumors of why the Forbidden Area was Forbidden. The lady said that the Forbidden Area was forbidden because that was where the important stuff was and they couldn't risk robbery. But Lauren thought that the Forbidden Area was forbidden because the Royals needed their privacy. They argued for the whole bus ride about which one was correct, and had not gotten anywhere when the bus stopped for Lauren to get off. They bade farewell, and Lauren departed off the bus. When she got off the bus, the sun was already halfway up above the horizon. The King and Queen will be having lunch now, Lauren thought. So I can make all the guards hungry for lunch. It was the kind of thing she liked to do. Figure out what the King and Queen were doing and figure out what she could make the sentries want.

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