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Chapter 2: The Adventure
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:28 AM)

One day, during summer vacation, Lauren woke up, and decided that she want to go on an adventure unlike any she had ever been on. She was up for extreme danger and adventure.
So she got out of bed and threw on some clothes. After writing a quick note to her family that she would be back for dinner, she left the house and waited at the nearby bus stop. She saw that the next bus to the Forbidden Area wasn't for another half hour, and started thinking about what she would do when she got there. The Forbidden Area was a large area, and there were many places to go. She decided to go to the Castle, just to fool the sentries into letting her visit the King and Queen, but not really seeing them, just to fool the sentries.
Finally, the bus came, and she got on, the familiar sounds of a crowded bus filling her ears as she scanned her pass at the front. She sat down next to a young woman, probably around the age of twenty or thirty. She soon dissolved into an interesting conversation about the history of the Castle. Her acquaintance seemed to know a lot about the Forbidden Area, more than Lauren would ever know. As they exchanged information, (Lauren wanted to keep in touch with this lady in case they never met again.) the bus came to a halt, and they said goodbye as Lauren departed into the early morning. The sky was a sunset orange color, Lauren's favorite color. She stood there for a moment, stunned, and watched as the sun came up and lit the royal village. She set off to the nearby Castle, and came to her first assignment, a a sentry guarding the path to the gate. She sat there pondering what she would make the sentry want. She finally went over, and after a short argument with the sentry, made him crave doughnuts. He dashed inside, and Lauren dashed in after him before he could close and lock the door. She stood in the shadows, where he wouldn't be able to spot her. She went down the hall that she knew led to the Royal Meeting Room. As expected, she was met by three of the King's Men. After scattering one to the left for the bathroom, another to the well for water, and the third to the right for new shorts, (She made him think they were too dirty to be presentable) she continued on past the gate to where two more sentries awaited. One ran off to the kitchen for a snack, and the other dashed off for the bathroom. She crept on, to where one guard stood blocking the Royal Meeting Room. They figured that if the person could get through the other five, there was no need, but just to be safe, they put one. He ran off to the kitchen. Finally, Lauren appeared, grinning, into the Royal Meeting Room, where the King and Queen awaited at the head of the large table, on which sat a thousand different dishes, luxuriously placed around the table.
Now staring at the King and Queen, looking taken aback, she grinned carelessly, and ran out. As she proceeded down the hall, sentries standing guard at gates ran after her, but she didn't care. Sending a few sentries here and another few there, she was down to only one sentry chasing her, and sent him to stand guard at one of the gates. Finally, she was free. Sometimes, the Castle needs a little excitement in it! she thought as she made her way to the bus stop.

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