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Chapter 5: Friending the King
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:34 AM)

The day after Lauren went to the library to find out about the Forbidden Area, she decided that she wanted to go back into it. This time, she would actually have an intended purpose, friending the King and Queen. It would not be an easy task, but she was up for the challenge. This time, when she left the house, her whole family was up, and the twins begged to come with her.

"No, it's too dangerous. I have to do this alone." She insisted.

"But they will see how cute we are and just friend you, without a second thought!" Sady commmented innocently.

"Yeah, but I'd prefer to take the challenge alone." Lauren insisted, stuck on her point. She finally escaped the pleading looks of Sady and Matthew by just walking out the door. She ignored the loud, obnoxious yelling from the twins. She finally reached the bus stop, where she couldn't hear them anymore. When she boarded, she saw that the lady that had been on there the first day was on there again. They had a lively conversation discussing the rumors of why the Forbidden Area was Forbidden. The lady said that the Forbidden Area was forbidden because that was where the important stuff was and they couldn't risk robbery. But Lauren thought that the Forbidden Area was forbidden because the Royals needed their privacy. They argued for the whole bus ride about which one was correct, and had not gotten anywhere when the bus stopped for Lauren to get off. They bade farewell, and Lauren departed off the bus. When she got off the bus, the sun was already halfway up above the horizon. The King and Queen will be having lunch now, Lauren thought. So I can make all the guards hungry for lunch. It was the kind of thing she liked to do. Figure out what the King and Queen were doing and figure out what she could make the sentries want.

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