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Chapter 4: The Forbidden Area
(by Christina, added on 8 June 2014 05:32 AM)

When Lauren got up the next morning, she decided that she wanted to learn more about the history about the Forbidden Area and its contents. So she put on clothes, ate breakfast, wrote a quick note to her family, and left.

Once outside the door, she walked to the nearby bus stop, boarded the bus, and got off at a library. She had brought her computer so she could take quick notes on her findings. When she got to the library, she questioned the librarian about where the books on the Forbidden Area were. She then sat down with a stack of books on the Forbidden Area, all to be studied and taken notes on. The first book she opened was about why commoners were not allowed in the Forbidden Area. These are the notes she took.
The Forbidden Area is strictly for the Royals. It is where the Castle, the Royal Court, and the Royal Bank are located. Many people can get in to the Forbidden Area by bus, since bus routes are not monitored.
Then she took notes on the History of the Forbidden Area.
The Forbidden Area dates back to before the year 1200 AD. The Castle has been rebuilt hundreds of times. The Royal Court, though neae rebuilt, has been remodeled countless times. The Royal Bank is the only monument that has never been rebuilt or remodeled since its construction in 2800 AD.

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