Blind Beauty

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Chapter 7: An Unfortunate Accident
(by Marissa, added on 29 March 2014 06:14 PM)

"Ready to go Sarah?" Beth said to me, as I got up from my chair.

"Yep." I said, smiling.

Beth and I were going to go hiking. I have never been hiking. Well, not in the pouring rain anyway.

"Bye Mom!" I called.

"Bye sweetie," Mom called from upstairs, where she was cleaning, "have fun."

"I'll try." I said, laughing as Beth and I ran out the door.

"It's nice out here." I said, feeling the breeze blow my hair.

"O Sarah," Beth said, "I really wish you could see it out here. It's so beautiful. There are some really pretty flowers. Here."

She took my hand and placed it on a flower. I felt down for the stem. I pulled it up and held it in my hand. I was going to give this to my mom, as soon as I got home.

"Come on." Beth said excitedly, "Let's go."

"Ok ok." I said, laughing and starting to walk with Beth.

We chatted as we walked. We talked about various things. What we liked. What we disliked. Our hobbies. Our interests. Who Beth thought was cute.

As we walked and talked, it started to rain. I was not pleased about this, but I smiled and kept moving on.

"Ok Sarah," Beth said, "be careful here. It's uneven and slippery."

"Ok." I said, taking careful steps.

"I'll be just up ahead." Beth told me. "This part is very narow. Follow the sound of my feet and you'll be fine."

I nodded, determinedly. I reached the narrow spot and started to walk. My foot slipped sideways off of a slippery and I fell backwards.

"Sarah!" Beth shrieked from beside me. "Are you all right?"

"No." I said, tears in my eyes as the pain hit me in a sudden rush. "Call my mom. I think I twisted my ankle."

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