Blind Beauty

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Chapter 6: Standing Up
(by Marissa, added on 27 March 2014 07:26 PM)

I climbed out of Mom's car and grabbed Rosie's things. Once she was out, I put her jacket on her, and clipped her leash to her collar. I took hold of her harness and leash. "Forward." I said, and we started to move.

"This way Sarah." Mom said.

I followed Mom's steps, leading Rosie guide me. We walked for a little while, until we entered the office.

Once I had been given my papers to be signed, I took a deep breath, turned, then headed to my first class, feeling the stares, but choosing to ignore them.

I took my seat in Math and waited for class to start.

"Hey look!" someone said loudly. "It's the blind girl. And she has a dog."

I've heard worse things being said to me, so sat there and ignored the girl.

"I wonder if she's deaf too." the girl said.

"I'm not." I said simply, "I can hear you just fine."

"Hey look!" the girl continued, "she can hear. And talk! It's a miracle she can walk. Anyone else think she's ugly?"

"That's enough Lauren." a familiar voice said. "Stop. There's no need to be jelous of her."

"Jelous?" Lauren said. "Of her? She's blind. I bet she's not even smart."

"Lauren!" several voices said in unison, "Shut up!"

"It's not your place to speak." Edward said. "The teacher is coming and if you don't stop, you will get in trouble."

Lauren shut up after that because as Edward had said, the teacher walked in a few seconds later.

After class was over, I wanted to thank Edward. I appreciated that he stood up for me. No one ever did that before. He was the first person to stand up for me and I wanted to thank him.

"Edward?" I called out, walking to the door.

"Here." he said quietly beside me.

"Thank you," I said. "for standing up for me. You're the first person to do that."

"You're welcome." he said. Was it me or did he sound stiff? Like he didn't care? I shrugged and walked off to my next class, pondering Edward's attitude.

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