Blind Beauty

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Chapter 13: Apologies
(by Marissa, added on 21 April 2014 03:17 AM)

Once the car had gone, and everything settled down, Edward pulled me over to a low wall and helped me sit down. He had his arm on my back, supporting me.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Edward said. He had concern in his voice, something I hadn't heard from him.

"I'm sure." I said. "The car barely hit me, and you caught me before I fell."

He was silent for a few minutes.

"Edward?" I said. "Why so quiet?"

"I'm thinking." Edward said.


"Sarah," Edward said, without answering, "I want to apologize."

"For what?" I said.

"For beeing so rude to you." Edward said.

"Rude?" I said, turning to face him.

"Yes." Edward said. "I wouldn't speak with you the first time I met you. When you thanked me for helping you with Lauren, I hardly said a word. When you had that seizure, I just left you with Alice. Sarah, I am so sorry."

"It's ok." I said.

"No." Edward said. "Sarah, no it is not. I was rude to you and I apologize."

"It's fine." I said, "Really. No worries."

"I wish I could tell you why I was so rude."

"Why can't you?" I said.

"I don't think I can yet." Edward said. "I don't think I can. Not yet. Maybe soon. If I trust myself."

"And why don't you trust yourself?"

Edward sighed softly. "I just don't think I'm ready to tell you yet." he said.

"When do you think you will be able to trust yourself enough to tell me?" I said.

"Soon." Edward said gently. "Soon Sarah."

I smiled. "I won't see you tomorrow." I said. "I'm going to my grandparents. They want to see me."

"Sounds like fun." Edward said.

"Ehh." I said. "Not really. I love them, but it's boring sometimes."

"Well," Edward said, standing up, "maybe it won't be so bad this time."

"I sure hope so too." I said, smiling.

Edward chuckled as he gently picked me up and set me on my crutches.

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