Blind Beauty

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Chapter 10: Confusion
(by Marissa, added on 2 April 2014 04:43 AM)

I struggled to my fourth period class. No one made fun of me. They all felt bad for me.The blind girl on crutches.

I did not have Rosie with me. I wouldn't have been able to hold her harness and use the crutches at the same time. I had to leave her at home. I knew she'd miss me.

I was walking to class and listening to people arround me. Some had interesting conversations, others were just boring.

Suddenly, all the noises were gone. It was dead silent and still.

I could here voices after a while. I didn't moove, just lay there.

"Back up." I heard a familiar voice say. "Give her some room. Someone call the nurse."

Edward, my brain registered. Edward was speaking. Apparently there was a croud gathered. Yes, I could here them now.

"Sarah." Edward said. "Sarah, can you here me?"

I groaned and opened my eyes, greeted once more by the darkness.

"See." I heard Alice say. "I told you she'd be fine."

"Shh." Edward said quietly.

"What happened?" I said weakly.

"You fell and had a seizure." Alice said. "Your arms and legs started twitching. Edward got mostly everyone to leave."

"The nurse is coming." Edward said quietly. "I better get to class."

"Go." Alice said. "I'll make sure she gets to the nurses office and rests."

I felt myself beeing lifted up, then laid down on something.

"It's all right." Alice said. "They just put you on a golf cart to make transporting you a lot easier."

I got to the nurses office shortly after. They called Mom, managed to get off for the day and took me home. She made me rest until I felt better.

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