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Chapter 4: The Night Before School
(by Marissa, added on 26 March 2014 07:32 PM)

"Mom!" I called out, walking in to the house. "I'm home."

"You're all wet." Mom said. "Go get changed in to something warm. I'll make us some hot cocoa."

"Ok." I said, going up the stairs and in to my room. I had this house memorized by now and knew where everything was.

After getting changed and throwing my wet clothes in to the hamper, I headed downstairs and in to the kitchen. I took a seat and pulled my hot chocolate towards me.

"So." Mom said, sitting down next to me. "How was it? Did you have fun?"

"Sort of." I said. "And then it started to rain..."

Mom laughed. She was a verry easygoing person and could laugh easily, which was good.

"Beth and I went into a diner." I said. "We met some kids who go to the school here in town. Their names were Alice and Edward. They said their dad works at the hospital here. Do you know a Doctor Carlisle?"

"O yes." Mom said. "Doctor Carlisle Cullen. He's very nice. He adopted all of his kids from different parts of the world."

"Yeah, I know." I said, nodding. "What's he like?"

"He's very friendly." Mom said. "He'll always help anyone out if he can. He's very caring and loves his job so much. And he's good at it too. He can make the patients smile when others can't. Though that may be because he is so good looking."

"Mom!" I said.

"It's true." Mom said. "All of the nurses think so anyways. Even the married ones. Doctor Cullens already married though."

"I know." I said. "Alice told us all of it. What do you think of Doctor Cullen? Do you think he's cute?"

"Yes," Mom said, "but I think your father is much cuter."

"Ahh!" I said, getting up. "No lovey dovey talk. I'm going to bed. Night Dad. I know you're in here."

"Dang!" Dad said, laughing and giving me a hug. "Night baby girl."

I smiled and walked up the stairs and in to my room. Before I went to bed, I played a few songs on my keyboard. As I was playing, I swear I was bing watched.

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