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Chapter 1: Not again!
(by Kevin Sisco, added on 12 March 2014 10:40 PM)

Kate woke up, as she always did, went into the bathroom, undressed, and jumped in the shower. It was not going to be a good day, that's for sure! She was not at all prepared for the history test. She begain feeling very sorry for herself indeed as she reflected on the roughness of high school. She had just started to wash off her vagina when she saw that "it" was happening again. "It" always seemed to happen when she was under stress. A white light shot out of her cunt as if she were squatting over the sun. It didn't hurt or anything. Well, not physically at least. She was always afraid that someone would notice. The last time it happened was when she was out on a date. She was able to high-tail it to the rest room and thankfully she wasn't noticed. She sat on the toilet, afraid and confused. Soon enough, she felt her womanhood throb. Her girl organ begain to spasm and it felt as if something were in her. She begain panting and her heart raced. Slowly, she reached dwn. Her mound was overgrown but hers. She was actually a bit proud of the fact that she wasn't like the others. The friends of hers that trimmed down to the skin. With a trembling hand, she slowly parted the hairy lips. She almost cried out in alarm when her fingers grasped something. She quicly pulled it out. It was her date's credit card! He had tried to get out of paying by saying that it was at his house. He had always had it with him, of course. Yup, it was his. Strange, scarry, almost unbelievable but it was his for sure! Her boyfriend nearly fainted when kate walked out of that bathroom, card in hand.

Now in the shower, Kate had to find out what would happen. Again, she reached down and pulled out...a report? Stunned, she shut off the shower and looked at the pages. Her name was at the top...and...well, it was a history report!

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