Siban Livon: The Angel That Was Too Perfect

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Chapter 1: An Intro of Sorts
(by Eleanor, added on 4 January 2014 07:54 PM)

A normal, perfectly good story would start with the character's introduction, a little bit about said character, and maybe even a dramatic event to start it off. That's really what gets a reader hooked, isn't it?

Now, now, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, no! This is going to be the worst story, ever." Well, to you it might be. To me, it is—but maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to learn from my mistakes and manage to write a good character. One with flaws, and a plausable backstory.

Siban: oh, what can I say about Siban? Well, you'll see. Oho, you'll see all rightbe you'll be banging your head against your desk by the end. Let's see where Sibby takes us, then.

For Claudia

Chapter 2: Part 1: Using and Abusing
(by Eleanor, added on 4 January 2014 08:04 PM)

Siban's long, white hair shimmered in the moonlight as she crouched down outside the border.

In one fluid movement, her wings spread out behind her. She'd have to work hard to make it all the way out of the place she had called home, but she'd manage it—like she always did.

Her mind strayed back to all the people she'd left behind: Claudia, Cernunnos, everyone. It wasn't her fault, though! Hades had driven her out, again. Oh, it wasn't enough for her to die. The stupid god of Death himself just had to make her life miserable—again.

Trying not to think, Sibby rose into the air, her family magic forming a shield around her. It was lucky she could hear so well; her senses were enhanced because she couldn't see, of course. The wind blew through her hair as she flew higher and higher, the black shape of Hades roaring from the ground. She was free—free, free, free!

Helen Livon graned from her place, high above outside the normal world. Damnit. Siban had done it again. She'd watched her sister's progress, of course, she had too. Was Siban stupid, or somethis-his Couldn't she tell that leaving was the worst thing she could have done?

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