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Chapter 1: Josh
(by Kelsey Trevett, added on 28 December 2013 04:14 PM)

Well, hello there. How are you? My name is Josh - Josh the Jungle Owner. I'm so good that I could keep a jungle under control any day. I'm a superhero. Me and my neighbour Becky. We save our friends from evil. For some reason though, they never talk to us and never thank us. I mean, we've been in a police cell for crying out loud. How cool is that?! Why wouldn't you want to hang out with me? I was in a cell for 8 weeks! How cool am I? I mean, some people just need to man-up and learn that doing what adults think is 'naughty' is really good for them. And anyway, I don't care what everyone else says about me. I'm Josh and I rule my world.

Chapter 2: Becky
(by Ellie Wallwork, added on 28 December 2013 04:25 PM)

Hey, guys! My name's Becky! Isn't that a pretty name? Everyone else says so! In fact, they say I'm really pretty, all the time! Isn't that great? Yeah, so, I've got a bezzie called Josh. He's, like, my bestest friend, ever! He's really, really, really funny--and we always go round helping people--aren't we brilliant? But, the really weird thing is, they don't like us! Why don't they like us? Everyone likes me!

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