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Chapter 2: cameron's escape
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 10:47 AM)

it occurred to him that soon, in fact, really soon, the pub would be open for the new day

" if they seem me here, i'll be taken off to jail" thought cameron.

but what could he do.

he couldn't stand, he could barely move, and no one was outside to hear him

he glanced across at the bar, and realised that his phone was on top of it.

"I could," he thought, " try to crawl across to the bar to get my phone".

he started to painfully crawl across the pub floor, hoping and praying that he'd make it to the bar

he did, and as he reached up to get his phone, he let out a cry of agony

" my arm!" cameron screamed, dropping the phone to the floor. he knew now that his arm must be broken, as well as his legs, he thought.

he picked up the phone from the pub floor and switched it on.

but after getting a signal, he realised that he didn't have anyone to call to rescue him

if he called the police, they'd recognize him. if he called 1 of his friends in the village, they'd report him

actually, cameron murry wondered if he had any friends left in the village.

he wasn't at all regretful about what he'd done, in fact he was still pretty pleased with himself for being able to make the seege last as long as he did.

he wondered what debbie and chaz were doing at this moment.

glancing down at his phone, cameron sighed. he had very limited options to what he could do, but had to act, and fast
suddenly, a thought came to him.

the police hadn't actually been inside the pub, and had no idea of what he looked liked, his voice, or even what he wore.

he called 999, and when he got through to the police, he explained that his name was kane dingle, he had been trapped in the wallpack pub, severely injured, and could they come and rescue him

he hung up and grinned. he thought this was clever.
all he had to do now was to make sure that the villagers (especially the real kane dingle), didn't spot him

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