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Chapter 1: cameron: not dead yet.
(by emily, added on 15 November 2013 11:53 AM)

if you're like me, and a follower of emmerdale, then like me, you were probably devistated to see cameron got killed off.

but, the truth is, he didn't.

okay, yes, he did leave emmerdale, but despite what most people think, he didn't actually die in that dark pub on that rainy night.

this story aims to tell you what happened to cameron after he recovered, and what happened to the other villagers, too. mainly, debbie and chaz, the 2 vbillagers cameron was after.

let me take you back to the ceen:

debbie and chaz had just escaped the wallpack. marlon had just regained consciousness and had left the cellar.

he stood in the bar of the wallpack, a look of sheer anger on his face.

" you will pay for what you did, cameron!"

" oh really?" cameron said as he lunged forward to try and get the gun from marlon's hand.

bang!. cameron went down like a ton of skittles.

marlon, convinced he'd got it over with quickly, picked up cameron's keys from the table, and left the pub.

as you know, their were loads of police outside the wallpack, at the time, waiting for cameron to emerge. when they saw marlon, they had to ask about cameron, if he was still inside and still tormenting people.

" their's still a few people inside," said marlon. " the seege is far from over. "

" well can we get in?. " 1 of the officers asked. " cameron must be ready for us now. "

marlon shook his head and did his best to distract the officers, promising them rewards of money, and other things, if they left the wallpack alone.

" you're holding the keys, marlon. if something was still going on in their, you wouldn't be able to grab them off the table. what's happened?. "

" nothing. nothing at all!".

" then let us go in?"

marlon had to think quickly. he wasn't going to get out of this one too easily, or at least, not as easily as he thought

" let me go in, and explain to cameron what's going on. then, if he's ready for you, you can come in to the pub and arrest him. "

but the officer shook his head. he wasn't having any of it.

cameron murry, opened his eyes. he tried to focus on where he was, how he got here. but he couldn't remember.

all he knew was that he was alone, and in need of help.

he just sat their, in the darkness, trying to remember what had happened previously that evening.

as he thought, bits of the night came back to him. very little bits, but it was something.

he was in the wallpack. yes, he was defenetly in the wallpack. but, that was it. he couldn't remember why, or why everyone had left.

slowly, but surely, cameron murry tried to stand. but it was no good, he fell back down again. things started going through his head about broken legs, or a sudden heart attack, or something.

meanwhile, marlon had made some progress with getting the officers off his case. he had somehow convinced them that when cameron was ready, he would turn himself in. they made marlon promise that if cameron refused, marlon would take him to the station himself. this is something he was happy to agree with.

meanwhile, inside the wallpack, cameron was trying to get out. he had actually managed to crawl to the door, and was tapping it slowly with his hands.

but what was the use. outside the wallpack doors, their was no one left to hear him. not even any cars on the darkened streets of emmerdale.

cameron was trapped.

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