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Chapter 1: online dating
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 11:47 AM)

jennifer sat in her room, looking at her computer screen.

she'd been using online dating for ages now, and knew everyone their- she knew all the regulars.

their was david, nice guy... she always thought. but not really for her. their was jason, not really her type- but could be amusing sometimes. their was richard,. who had far too many problems for her to deal with, and then.... then their was mark. jennifer's dream guy.

jennifer had been talking with mark online every night now for at least a week. she knew everything about him. she knew where he lived, what job he had, what his family were like.... it gave jennifer a warm feeling talking to him online.

this particular evening, mark was unusually chatty.

jennifer read his latest chat message. " you know, " it read, " we should meet up. we should meet up and get to know each other on a more persinal bases. "

she quickly typed back. " but mark, we've only known each other for a week. i hardly think it is appropriate to meet right now. "

she wanted to meet him, she really did. inside she knew that meeting the man of her dreams would be wonderful, and be so good for her life.

but it was too early, she thought. far too early to be making those kinds of plans.

" what's wrong, honey?. " mark typed back. " i thought you liked me?. "

" i do, honey. but... you know, i need more time".

with that, she signed off for the night and got in to bed. she knew that she probably would have her arm twisted soon enough, and would be on the train station platform with mark. he was just too beautiful, and she felt that perhaps she was about to change her life, forever.

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