a day in south park

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Chapter 3: the kids ride in scooby doo's van.
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 06:20 PM)

" so, " asked bob, " what are you doing in southpark?. i mean, sure it's a cartoon town, but you don't belong here."

" you're meant to be solvingm ysteries," ted aded.

scooby wagged his tail and asked if the boys would like to take a ride in the van.

" oh yes," they all said. " let's go and ride in the van."

it was a really cool ride. they drove around listening to the scooby doo theme song for ages.

when they finally got back, scooby doo waved and told the boys, " we have to go now, we've other little boys and girls we have to see.". "scooby dooby doo!. " they all shouted as they waved back.

the van drove away and the boys continued walking through southpark

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