a day in south park

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Chapter 1: the fun day
(by doug, added on 14 November 2013 04:16 AM)

one day in south park for friends erick rob bob and ted were having fun when erik yelled what is that

Chapter 2: the kids meet scooby doo
(by doug, added on 14 November 2013 04:35 AM)

rob and bob looked at erick and they said what are you talking about? right there he said they looked to the right and saw a blue van for people and a dog wher in there they got out of the van and they saw erick rob bob and said who areu i am erick the first one said i am bob said the second i am ted said the third and i am bob said the last of the boys
who are you guys the boys asked. We are doug tasha misty rick and are dog scooby doo o erick said i have seen you on tv

Chapter 3: the kids ride in scooby doo's van.
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 06:20 PM)

" so, " asked bob, " what are you doing in southpark?. i mean, sure it's a cartoon town, but you don't belong here."

" you're meant to be solvingm ysteries," ted aded.

scooby wagged his tail and asked if the boys would like to take a ride in the van.

" oh yes," they all said. " let's go and ride in the van."

it was a really cool ride. they drove around listening to the scooby doo theme song for ages.

when they finally got back, scooby doo waved and told the boys, " we have to go now, we've other little boys and girls we have to see.". "scooby dooby doo!. " they all shouted as they waved back.

the van drove away and the boys continued walking through southpark

Chapter 4: the next day
(by doug, added on 21 November 2013 03:29 AM)

The next day the boys were walking down the street when they saw this blind guy walking down the street he had a stick and what looked like a radio in his hand. What is your name the boys asked?. My name is Doug the man said nice to meat you said the boys. What is it that you have in your hands the boys asked the stick in my hand is called a cane and the radio looking thing is a scanner. What is a scanner the boys asked?. It is a device that lets you here the police oh cool said the boys. So where do you live they asked? I live in Clark county where is that the boys asked? it is in Athens g.a. Oh they said is there a lot of police action in your town? some times doug said it is all about what time or day you turn on your scanners or your scanner apps on your i phone.

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