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Chapter 24: merry christmas, everyone!
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 12:21 PM)

the next morning,, rather than being woken up by lauren, they were woken up by a phonecall.

ellie picked up the phone and listened.

" merry christmas!" came the voice at the other end of the line. " merry christmas!"

" it's....." ellie paused, she gglancedi n lauren's direction

" it's mickey mouse, it's mickey mouse!" and she passed around the handset so that everyone could hear mickey say merry christmas. " thank you lauren" she said as she hugged her. " I love mickey mouse."

" I know you do" said lauren, " and I think you'll love this even better."

lauren took out a box from under her bed, and opened it.

" santa!" shreeked diana. " santa found us!"

" he sure did" laughed lauren. " I told you that he would."

lauren handed round the presents, and their was excitement all round as the gifts were open.

an inflatable boat for diana- and as soon as she got it, asked if she could take it in the hotel pool with her.

lucy got a set of 6 various sized water guns which she was happy about, and she too asked if she could take them to the hotel pool.

ellie was the happiest though

apon opening her gift, she screamed with delight

" a stuffed kangaroo, boing boingb oing!" she said. " how did you know!"

other gifts included candy, some clothes, even a picture taken of all of them together at magic kingdom park during the parade.

" but you don't have any presents" ellie said after they were all unwrapped

" oh, I do. " lauren laughed. " my present is to see you all happy. merry christmas girls!"

" I wish josh was here," ellie said quietly. " he would have loved this."

" I know," lauren replied. " I am sure where ever he is, he is having a lovely christmas too."

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