christmas in orlando

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Chapter 22: josh's own chapter (part 3)
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 11:46 AM)

outside, all was quiet

an odd wave sometimes broke the silence, but that was all.

josh floated along, still unconcious from the earlier events.
" oh, my god" came a shocked voice from behind josh. " their is someone in the water. their is someone in the water, help, help!"

soon, one of the lifeboats that was used to transport people to dry land arived on the sceen.

" do we know anything about him?" asked the man controling the lifeboat.

" no, he's unconcious. I just found him.... I... Hope he's okay."

" he'll be fine" came the reply, as josh was hoisted out of the water, and placed on the boat. " let's get him to shore."

once on shore, they started CPR. they worked on him for over 20 minits. just as they were about to pronounce him dead, he coughed up a lot of water, looked up, and howled in pure agony.

" do you know where you are?" he was asked.

josh shook his head, and howled in agony again.

" what is your name" he was asked. " can you tell us your name?"

josh didn't reply, but pointed to his hand.

his fist was clenched. he was holding something.

" we're just going to see what you are holding" they told him, and ever so carefully they took his hand.

what he was holding was a ticket.

a ticket that was ruined from the water, and most of what was written on it couldn't be made out.

but their was one word on the ticket

one word that confirmed everything.

the word?


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