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Chapter 21: a visit from the police
(by emily, added on 28 December 2017 02:52 PM)

back in england, michael and kelly had arived at the airport to collect josh.

they expected the airport to be busy, and to just collect josh from the arivals lounge

but that wasn't to be the case.

as they scanned the screens for the flight, they noticed that it hadn't actually arived and it said, in big boldl etters, delayed

" excuse me," michael said to the man behind the desk at the airport, " we came to collect someone from the florida flight. do you know what's happened?. the flight isn't here."

in sted of being told, the man asked them to follow him in to a private room.

in the room sat 12 police officers.

" we have some bad news" said one of the officers. " earlier today, the florida flight caught fire, and well..." he paused for a minit

" well?" asked michael. " well what."

" we'd like you to take a look at this." said another officer. " it's a list of people who we know are still alive and made it to hospital."

they scanned the list

josh's name was not on the list.

" is he..... dead?" michael finally asked.

" I'm afraid if he's not on that list of passengers, well..... I'm sorry." the officer said, as he looked away.

" tell me it isn't so" said kelly. " he can't be dead."

"sorry." said the officer. " their's one passenger they are still trying to save from the wreck, and that's a woman. I'm sorry."

" we need to tell lauren" said michael. " we need to tell her now."

" but they are having so much fun in florida," said kelly. " we don't want to spoilt it for theem."

" if our son was dead and we were abroad, we'd want to know too." said michael. " no matter how much fun we were having. come on kelly, let's go home."

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