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Chapter 9: the mall
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 11:21 AM)

it didn't take long before josh had convinced lauren that the mall would be a nice way to spend the evening

the others just sighed, figited, and became restless.

back at the hotel lauren told them all to get dressed in to dry clothes, and put their sensible shoes on so they could walk around the mall without feeling in pain.

the mall went down like a shit sandwich

while josh was looking at the shops with curiosity, the girls stuck by lauren, moaning, arguing, and just making life miserable.

" look!" cried lauren, " it's the sweet shop!"

" blah blah blah" said ellie

"I don't care about the stupid sweet shop", aded diana

"we have food at the hotel" said lucy

lauren sighed

"but you all love sweets. come on, let's see what ones we can find".

their were all sorts of sweets. their were jelly beans, their were gummy worms, their were pepermints, their were lollypops.

" we can get all that stuff in england" said ellie, turning away from the displays

" yeah," said diana. " it's not so exciting".

" for christ sake girls," lauren scoleded. " can you just try and behave. it won't take long, and the storm will clear, and then we can..."

" go back to aquatica!" ellie suddenly screamed. " back in the wave pool!"

lauren looked at her watch

"at 7 in the evening?. no.... I don't think so. it will be closed".

ellie cried.

" never mind," said lauren. " we've plenty of time."

the rest of the mall wasn't much of a success either.

despite visiting a music store, a toy shop, a clothes shop, evem a bakery, nothing interested the girls

they were about to leave, when diana spotted something and squealed.

" a penny arcade!" she squealed. " let's go to the penny arcade!"

"so now you want to spend time at the mall," lauren laughed. "very well, a couple of goes in the arcade."

everyone (accept for lauren and joshua), enjoyed the arcade

josh just wanted to look at more shops, and it was too loud for lauren

after about 45 minits of spending money in the machines, winning lots and putting it all back in the machine, lauren said it was time to go

the girls fussed, because they all wanted to stay

but lauren did what she always did, and promised they could come back another day.
back in the car, jiosh told lauren that he'd got loads of stuff from the mall.

some new shoes, some cklothes, some fudge, and a camera to take some pictures

" that's all really nice, josh. It's just ashame the girls didn't enjoy it. I'd have liked to look in some of the shops myself. well, their's other days" she sighed as she drove out of the mall carpark.

"dinner now," she said.

the thunder had cleared up, and it was hot again.

ellie went on about aquatica, but was told time and time again it was now the evening, and the water park was closed

"I suppose we could have a late night swim at the hotel again," said lauren. " you did all enjoy that.".

"yes!" screamed diana. " late night swim!"

"but dinner first, okay?" said lauren. " dinner first."

" yes, of course." came back 4 small voices

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