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Chapter 8: storm warning!
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 06:24 PM)

they got to the wave pool just in time for the start of the big waves

" oh wow!. these waves are awesome" screamed ellie, as the waves, which were bigger the children, came crashing over their heads.

"being tossed around like this," aded lauren, " is actually quite fun and quite refreshing."

josh, on the other hand, had had quite enough and told the others he was going to wait on land.

the waves came to an end, and the water was still again

"again, again!" said elie. " let's do it again!"

" sure, " said lauren.

the sky above them was getting darker, and clouds were rolling in

" I wouldn't if I were you," said joshua, " look at the weather, it's about to turn, I think".

"nonsense," said lauren. " we'll be fine".

the waves started up again, and just like the first time everyone enjoyed them.

suddenly a large bang jolted lauren to reality.

" thunder," she said. " we better go before we're caught by the..."

as they scrambled out of the pool, it began to rain

" caught by the rain," lauren finished.

" attention swimmers, please make your way to the exit", the PA system was unusually loud over the rain and the rumbles of thunder

they arived at the car, soaking wet

" well, I suppose we did just go swimming", lauren laughed. " a bit of rain isn't going to kill us."

ellie looked surprised

" mommy I didn't think it rained in florida," she said.

" me either", said lauren flatly. " never mind, we can come back another day."

" now would be a good oppotunity to go to the mall", said joshua. " it's all indoors."

" we can't really go dressed like this," said lauren. " why don't we just go back to the hotel and play a game.".

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